Watch: NFL legend Marcellus Wiley issues controversial statement on guns following Michigan State University shooting

After a mass shooting on the Michigan State University campus, the issue of firearm restrictions has resurfaced, but former NFL player Marcellus Wiley has a different take.

A 43-year-old armed man named Anthony McRae wreaked havoc in the campus area, causing three casualties and five other wounded victims. The shooter, later found dead, presumably took his own life, leaving an unknown agenda for the incident.

After the fatal incident, the citizens among us spoke against the easy access to guns, but the former Buffalo Bills defensive end created controversy by sharing his perception.

What did Marcellus Wiley say regarding the shooting incident?

Following the horrific campus shooting, the whole nation sent prayers and sympathy to the victims and their families. as well as speak out against the availability of firearms, and the bureaucrats are debating the issue once more.

MSU shooting
After Michigan State’s Mass Shooting, a Message Demands: ’How Many More?’ (credit: time)

However, former athlete Wiley had a quite different take on the protest and spoke out in a video posted on Twitter. “This is the 67th mass shooting in 2023, and it’s only February 14th,” he wrote in the caption. “We have to stop blaming the guns, and start looking at the humans who are irresponsible with guns. #ARGO”

In that one-minute-long video, the 48-year-old said, “We’ve got to stop blaming the gun and start looking at the humans and the individuals who are now responsible with those guns. And unfortunately, like incidents today, irresponsible with those guns.”

“Someone told me this once: They said, ‘We blame guns in this country more than anything.’ But if you think about it, if you put a gun on a table, it does nothing,” Marcellus elucidated. “It needs a human being to activate. It needs a human being to be that weapon of destruction.”

“Ban all the guns and then, guess what? That will make safer schools, safer streets, safer communities? I don’t think it would. You know why?” the pro bowler concluded. “Because if you ban all the guns, only the bad guys are going to get access to the guns, right? Because the bad guys are not going to follow the law.”

MSU shooting
Michigan State University shooter found dead from self-inflicted gunshot after hours-long manhunt. (credit:fox)

The sports analyst has a point, whether we like it or not, though everyone is entitled to their opinion as we are practicing freedom of speech. However, if everyone was held to the law, there would have been no need for the firearm in the first place.

The conundrum is being placed in the rulebook in the first place, and we still can’t find any solution for the loophole. Every action has its consequences, as we all know, but being responsible for the consequences appears to be difficult to accomplish these days.

What’s your opinion on Marcellus Wiley’s perception? Do you agree with him or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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