“National Fixed League” Fans suspects “NFL is Rigged” due to unusual similarities between last two Super Bowl

The NFL 2022-2023 season drew to a close with the fantastic super bowl, which made the Kansas City Chiefs the winner, but subsequently, the ‘NFL is rigged’ conspiracy theory was sparked even more after that.

The theory gained popularity after the Chiefs’ win against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC championship, and several former and current professionals also fueled the controversy. Even after the Super Bowl, there was a significant holding call that favored the Chiefs in winning the title.

Recently, a video of Super Bowl LVI emerged on social media where the referee favored the Los Angeles Rams with a controversial call, and the NFL community found the similarity between the two editions of the event.

What similarities sparked the ‘NFL is rigged’ theory?

An NFL analyst and content writer, Dov Kleiman, came forward with a significant similarity between Super Bowl LVI and LVII on Twitter. In that clip, we can see the Rams were given an advantage due to a holding call by a Bengals player during the final quarter.

On the other hand, last Sunday, the Chiefs were given the same holding call advantage in the same situation, which ended in the same outcome. Kleiman asked the fans which one was the worst of these two calls, and the fans didn’t hold themselves back a bit.

What did NFL fans have to say in support of the league being rigged?

After realizing such coincidental similarities, the NFL community went bonkers over the ‘NFL is rigged’ theory. One fan mocked the NFL, writing, “They were both awful .. National Fixed League”

Another one said, “it’s all rigged”

Previously, there were mixed opinions among fans, athletes, and journalists regarding the holding call on James Bradberry’s play. The NFL world is divided into two camps, each with their own logic and counterarguments, but it appears that the conspiracy theory may tip the scales in favor of the opposing camp.

What is your take on the two similar incidents in the back-to-back Super Bowls? Is the NFL really fixed? Leave your opinion with us in the comment section.


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