Ex-NFL RB Arian Foster backs up league’s biggest conspiracy Theory “NFL is Rigged” with outlandish claim

The new Twitter trend ‘NFL is rigged’ was sparked after the Cincinnati Bengals’ loss against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship on Sunday.

A particular group of fans might get hugely disheartened or drunk enough to conjure such a conspiracy. But we can’t dismiss the reason for the allegation that referees play a larger role in game outcomes than they should.

The AFC championship game was no exception to such egregious errors by the officials. There are a couple of questionable calls that directly affect the Chiefs’ win and incite the fans to go bonkers.

What did Arian Foster have to say about the claim that ‘NFL is rigged’?

In an interview on the Macrodosing podcast, the former professional Arian Foster also sang in the same key. In response to a question about whether the NFL had a script, he stated, “We were really dedicated to. So, it was more, like, that’s what practice was about, practicing the script.”

“This is what goes on. This is what we have to do… It’s like WWF, so we know what’s going to happen, but you still have to put on a show,” Foster delivered the burning hot statement. And there is no going back from this.

The 36-year-old played in the most popular sports league in the USA from 2009 to 2016 as a running back. During his brief career, he was named four times to the Pro Bowl, twice to the NFL All-Pro First Team, and twice to the NFL rushing touchdown and yards leader awards.

arian foster
Arian Foster announces retirement from NFL after eight seasons

The former RB had experienced 58 wins for the Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins, which he now refers to as ‘fixed.’ Surely the fans, teammates, and NFL wouldn’t appreciate his perspective. The NFL might come forward with penalties, but there is still time for him to explain his view.

What do you think about Arian Foster’s claim? Is the NFL actually rigged? Share your opinion about this conspiracy theory.


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7 thoughts on “Ex-NFL RB Arian Foster backs up league’s biggest conspiracy Theory “NFL is Rigged” with outlandish claim”

  1. Without question it’s a huge business & they will do whatever they have to to protect the$ & the shield once had a friend who was in the know who told me “if people knew how many games were fixed they would stop watching “

  2. Cincinnati Bengals wom last years SUPER BOWL TOO!

  3. Ludicrous!! Game officials unfortunately are human and humans make mistakes. Shocking! The game is so fast and there are only a few different camera angles available to check that they can’t get them all correct. Better training for officials would help some, so would more cams but alas, those measures will not eliminate all bad calls and potentially outcome effecting ones. As maddening as bad calls are, they are part of the game.


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