Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins in negotiations to hire former HC Vic Fangio as defensive coordinator

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, following an exciting football season. Many teams this season surprised the NFL world with their performances. However, teams like the Denver Broncos maintained their “losing culture” and won only five out of seventeen games. Following yet another disappointing season, the team is looking to bring significant changes to its coaching staff. 

On the other hand, the Eagles looked unstoppable, making their way to the Super Bowl with a balanced team with equal strength in their offensive and defensive lineups. However, it is not just the players who brought this balance but also their coaches and consultants who guided them throughout the season. Vic Fangio, the former Broncos head coach, according to multiple sources, has been the defensive consultant for the Philadelphia team. With his guidance, the defense became parallel to the existing “powerhouse” offense. 

Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins this season were superb up until the Wild Card Round, where they lost to the Bills. After ending their seasons, both Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins want Vic Fangio as their defensive coordinator. The Dolphins have constantly been approaching the former head coach of Denver, but Vic is biding his time in search of the best opportunities.

Confirming the news, Dave Logan says, “the Broncos and the Dolphins continue to negotiate with Vic Fangio. So that is not yet a done deal.” On the contrary, Fangio would love to return to the Denver team because Sean Payton is now their head coach. 

What does Vic Fangio have to do with Sean Payton joining the Denver Broncos?

According to Dave Logan, Vic has a good relationship with Payton, and both were rumored to join the Dolphins coaching staff. However, that never happened, and now that Sean is on the Broncos team as the head coach, Fangio would not mind returning to his former side. 

Denver Broncos
Vic Fangio was spotted with coach Sean Payton.

There is an issue, though, the Denver players do not have the best of relationships with their former head coach Vic Fangio, but we have to keep in mind that these players have not contributed much to the team and constantly maintain their “losing culture.” That being said, the Broncos team might trade some players in order to fix all of their issues. 

His chances of joining the Dolphins team look narrower compared to the Broncos. Even then, what Vic will eventually decide remains a question mark.

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