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49ers’ ex-defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans joins Houston Texans as HC ignoring Stephen A. Smith’s advice

demeco ryans

The Houston Texans’ coaching staff is in disarray following the firing of Lovie Smith on January 8 after a nightmare season.

The Texans completed their 21st consecutive top-flight season at the bottom of the AFC South with a 3-13 record. The same picture-third at AFC South had been displayed in the previous two seasons. The Texans also fired two head coaches after those seasons: David Culley and Romeo Crennel.

Coincidentally, these three coaches were all African Americans, and ESPN’s renowned analyst Stephen A. Smith pointed out the fact, interpreting the franchise as racist. Before joining the Texans, he even warned the new head coach, Demeco Ryans.

Who is the new head coach the Houston Texans have appointed?

The Texans have hired the San Francisco 49ers’ former defensive coordinator, Demeco Ryans, as their sixth permanent head coach. but with the history of black coaches being fired, the media favorably judged the franchise as racist.

The 55-year-old analyst said on his show the first take, “The Houston Texans organization, I’m going to say something loud and clear over the national airwaves and I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks. African Americans need not apply. This is not an organization that has been fair to African Americans.”

However, Ryans didn’t bat an eye at this wild accusation before joining the side. He has had a sweet experience with the Texans. Ryans started his professional playing career at Houston in 2006, and before leaving in 2011, he achieved a Pro Bowl medal twice, NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year once, and First-Team All-Pro once.

After retiring in 2015, Demeco started his coaching career for the Niners in 2017 as the defensive quality control coach. This is his first HC duty, which he took for his debut franchise.

demeco ryan

DeMeco Ryans Joins 49ers’ Coaching Staff

In the franchise’s defense, the previous three coaches were not able to manage the team, as they won only 11 games in three years. The media, on the other hand, can label anyone as racist as they see fit. They seem reluctant to ask where they should be.

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