“I get paid to talk about you, not to talk to you” Stephen A Smith Drops truth Bomb on Kevin Durant following his Twitter jab at NBA analysts

Stephen A. Smith and Kevin Durant feud reached into a new level as Stephen takes his First Take platform on ESPN to defend himself and all of his sports media brethren from Kevin Durant’s strong criticism on Friday.

This battle all began earlier this week when Stephen A Smith on ESPN’s “First Take” said that Michael Jordan is responsible for changing the game of basketball for the worse because he was so phenomenal that the NBA marketed the individual, which caused the game to be more individualized and more people wanted to be like Jordan.

“Michael Jordan was so phenomenal that the NBA marketed the individual” 

You may take this proposition of Smith the way you like but Kevin Durant showed no time to react and KD tweeted panning the clip stating:

“My theory is that guys like Steve, skip and Shannon have changed the game for the worse. Playas like Stephen and Michael can only push the game forward.”

Stephen A came back after KD in yesterday’s “First Take” and at first point he looked very humble to the former NBA superstar. Stephen said he loves and admire Durant as a player and what he has achieved in his career

“I’m going to be very respectful because I happen to love Kevin Durant. I think he’s the best player on the planet when healthy….a future Hall of Famer, a champion, a two-time NBA Finals MVP. I’ll always have love for him no matter what.”

What Stephen A Smith hilariously said in this battle is reminding KD about their respective job and saying:

“I get paid to talk about you, not to talk to you.”

Addressing KD Stephen A. assured him Stephen A and his brethren will always carry on about their job and are not gonna quit. Felling offended Stephen adds “The Stephen A. Smith’s of the world are not going anywhere, I’m here now,”

Smith fired back. “There will be hundreds, if not thousands, that will follow…you wanna control the narrative all the damn time. You’re not doing it. You don’t get to get rid of us. We’re here and we’re gonna be here. GET OVER IT!”

With Stephen, Kendrick Perkins was also there, who seems to be more confident than Stephen on this issue and seems less cared about the saying of the players’. He goes on saying that the players are adamant of their 100th time praises but counts only the criticisms they make.

However, the battle is going on between the two and we expect a reply form Kevin Durant now and hope to see some interesting reply.


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