Dez Bryant adds fuel to “NFL is Rigged” fire commenting on Antonio Brown IG Post following Chiefs controversial Super Bowl LVII win

The NFL referees demonstrated poor officiating and gave birth to multiple controversies throughout the 2022–2023 season—even the Super Bowl was not spared by their scandalous behavior.

After giving a clear-cut advantage to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship, the NFL referees repeated the act after two weeks in the Super Bowl. A controversial holding call gave the Chiefs a penalty, which they converted into a game-winning point.

Along with widespread conspiracy theorists, former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant took the same tone in commenting on another notorious professional, Antonio Brown.

What did Dez Bryant say in Antonio Brown’s post?

When the Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, made a pass toward wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, the 26-year-old WR couldn’t grab the ball initially due to a foul. The referee flagged the play as a holding call, and the Chiefs got the advantage once again.

Witnessing such blatant officiating, WR Brown, posted a clip of Kanye west on Instagram, writing a caption, “Moon Walking With Mahomes #YeToldya #Boomin”


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On that post’s comment section, another free agent, Bryant, wrote, “I gotta keep it G I’ll be lying if I didn’t say something similar…. That was an obvious fixed game… Truthfully some of the things we all love can be corrupt..”

Previously, the former running back Arian Foster also fueled the speculation by saying, “It’s like WWF, so we know what’s going to happen, but you still have to put on a show.”

dez bryant

This time, the three-time pro bowler supports them, adding, “Ain’t no such thing is a fair game… You gotta find your cult because this world shares so many dishonest perspectives…”

If we took their words to be true, Antonio’s one Super Bowl ring and Dez’s other honors were also scripted. If there was smoke, there had to be fire. The NFL’s officiating standard raises questions and fuels these conspiracies the most.

What do you think of Dez Bryant’s comment on Antonio Brown’s post? Was the Super Bowl fixed? Let us know your thoughts on these.

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  1. If it was so call “fixed” then K.C. would have had an extra 7 points! (they should have had) when that fumble recovery and run in for the touch down was taken away! Then I might be tempted to agree with you. Everything else in this world is rigged for sure. Nothing is as it seems.


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