“Sorry but I don’t like that call!” LeBron James reacts to JuJu Smith-Schuster holding call that decided Super Bowl LVII outcome

It would be unnatural and surreal to witness any regular-season game without any controversy, let alone the Super Bowl. To keep the tradition going, last night’s ‘JuJu Smith-Schuster holding call’ was the winner.

Throughout the season, the NFL referees demonstrated a low standard of officiating, including the Chiefs’ advantages through their no-call against the Bengals in the AFC championship and a controversial penalty call in the Giants vs. Vikings game. It seems the referee again did a favor for the champion, the Kansas City Chiefs.

As is customary after witnessing such a birth of controversy in the best event of American sports leagues, fans went insane, and NBA superstar LeBron James was among them.

What did Lebron James say regarding JuJu Smith-Schuster’s holding call?

The controversy was born in the final deciding moment of the Super Bowl, when the Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, made a pass toward wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. The 26-year-old WR couldn’t grab the ball initially due to a foul.

The NFL community saw such favor in the last game against the Bengals in the AFC championship, and after this, the referees are the loathsome people to them.

NBA superstar Lebron James also expressed his disgust at the referee’s holding call. As usual, he shared his opinion by posting on Twitter and writing, “Sorry but I don’t like that call! Not for the Super Bowl man! 🤦🏾‍♂️”

The NBA’s King is furious at his profession’s referees for making such egregious decisions. He has never shied away from direct criticism of poor officiating, and this time there are no strings attached.

Lebron again posted on Twitter, explaining his perspective on not agreeing with the referees. “This game was too damn good for that call to dictate the outcome at the end,” James wrote.

You can debate for the sake of argument, but the Lakers legend has a real, unavoidable point there. In the NBA, there is a record of referees’ apologies after King James’ strong protest on Twitter.

Do you agree with LeBron James on that holding call? What’s your opinion here? Comment with your opinions and let us know.


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