“Refs gettin paid” NBA fans react to Lakers’ star LeBron James loosing his cool over bad refereeing decision

The game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks produced a thrilling, nail-biting contest over two overtimes to decide the winner. The Mavericks got the last laugh, however, and the Lakers fans were not happy with the outcome.

The Lakers and the Mavericks fought neck-and-neck through the game at Crypto.com Arena. The Mavericks took an early lead of 14 points after the first quarter, but the Lakers made a steady comeback and managed to level the score before the last whistle of regular time. However, in that dying moment, the referee’s decision made the Lakers’ superstar furious, and he didn’t hesitate to lash out.

What actually did LeBron James say?

When the score was 101-101 in the fourth quarter, Lakers guard Tony Brown Jr. attempted a basket from James Pass to steal the win, but Mavs forward Tim Hardaway Jr. jumped and challenged the ball. The refs didn’t call it a foul or provide any clarification.

The decision is what angered the four-time NBA champion, and he didn’t hesitate to address the issue in the postgame interview. “No, it’s a f**king foul. It’s a foul. No matter what says, it’s a f**king foul,” Lebron determined on his opinion.

On the other hand, referees are saying it was a ‘high-five contact’ that didn’t disrupt the ball or brown while throwing. But the fans are singing the same song as their idol, LeBron James.

What are fans saying about LeBron James’ claim?

Fans were quick to criticize the referee for his controversial call, but James’ comment has stirred up a lot of different feelings.

There are also several fans who shared different perspectives on the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player. They are mocking him for his cries of foul play.

Whatever the call was, the Lakers guard didn’t say anything explicitly against the call. He scored 8 points with one assist and four rebounds coming off the bench in 38 minutes, while LeBron James scored 24 points with 16 rebounds and nine assists in 47 minutes.

Following back-to-back losses to the Dallas Mavericks and Denver Nuggets, the Lakers have dropped to the 13th seed in the Western Conference.

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