WATCH: Warriors’ Stephen Curry hits jaw-dropping “no look” putt at ACC Celebrity Golf Tournament

Recently, Stephen Curry showcased his versatile skills at the ACC Celebrity Golf Tournament, leaving spectators in awe. The event provided a platform for Curry to display his prowess in another sport, further adding to his already impressive repertoire.

Baby Faced Assassin’s versatility and natural talent continue to solidify his status as one of the most captivating athletes of our time.

Stephen Curry hits a brilliant no-look putt

During the American Century Championship in South Lake Tahoe, Curry showcased his golfing prowess by sinking a remarkable no-look putt that left spectators in awe. In the opening round of the celebrity tournament, Baby Faced Assassin’s confidence and precision were on full display as he confidently turned away from the ball while putting.

The crowd held its breath as the ball rolled towards the hole, and their anticipation turned into sheer amazement when it found its mark. After completing the round, Chef Curry couldn’t contain his excitement, describing the putt as the best he has ever made in his entire life. He explained how the excitement built as the ball rolled downhill, and he drew upon his basketball instincts to turn away before the ball dropped into the cup.

Baby Faced Assassin’s impressive performance extended beyond the memorable no-look putt. He finished the first day of play leading the field by four points, shooting an impressive 69 or 27 points under the Stableford scoring system. This strong start puts him in an advantageous position as the tournament progresses.

Which other celebrities are in ACC Celebrity Golf Tournament?

Among the notable participants in this year’s championship are NFL legends like Marcus Allen, Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, John Elway, Marshall Faulk, Larry Fitzgerald, and Patrick Mahomes. NBA Hall of Famers Charles Barkley, Ray Allen, Vince Carter, and Andre Iguodala are also scheduled to showcase their golfing skills on the course.

Stephen Curry

The entertainment industry is represented by actors such as Don Cheadle, Chace Crawford, Alfonso Ribeiro, Ray Romano, and Miles Teller. Comedians like Nate Bargatze and Larry the Cable Guy could add their comedic flair to the tournament, and former U.S. VP Dan Quayle is also expected to be in attendance.

The diverse lineup of participants includes renowned figures from different sports, industries, and backgrounds, all coming together to compete and enjoy the camaraderie of the ACC Celebrity Golf Tournament. It’s a chance for fans to witness different celebrities outside their usual domain and see them showcase their golfing skills in a fun and competitive environment.


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