“It’s weird behavior”: AnEsonGib responds to KSI’s harsh words on him prior to Kingpyn boxing fight vs Jarvis

On Sunday, the highly anticipated semifinals of the Kingpin boxing tournament are scheduled to take place, featuring a thrilling matchup between AnEsonGib and Jarvis. The Youtuber turned boxer represents the new age of celebrity boxing that has taken the world by storm.

The internet influencer, AnEsonGib, recently engaged in a fiery exchange of words with KSI, adding more excitement and anticipation to the upcoming bout.

AnEsonGib thinks KSI’s harsh criticism of him is “weird behavior”

In recent times, influencer boxing has emerged as an intriguing facet of the sport, captivating the attention of audiences worldwide. Numerous athletes and YouTubers have stepped into the ring, in an attempt to establish their dominance over their counterparts.

Following in the footsteps of KSI and the Paul brothers, many other notable figures, including the Arabian superstar AnEsonGib, have embarked on this path, seeking to showcase their boxing skills.

However, AnEsonGib hasn’t simply remained passive after being accused by KSI. Their exchange of fiery words has circulated across the internet, intensifying the excitement surrounding the semifinals of the Kingpin tournament.

The Saudi Arabian boxer expressed his perplexity at KSI’s recent behavior towards him, considering it to be devoid of significance. As someone who admires KSI, AnEsonGib found it rather peculiar that KSI suddenly started ridiculing him on Twitter just before his most important boxing match.

What did KSI say on AnEsonGib and Kingpyn tournament?

The feud between AnEsonGib and KSI was mainly ignited by a tweet in which KSI mocked the Riyadh-born boxer for earning a relatively low amount of money from his fights.

The owner of Misfits Boxing, referring to AnEsonGib as a “4-Figure Gibber,” insinuated that the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s earnings in the sport only amounted to a four-figure sum.

Fans looking forward to this potentially intense showdown will have the opportunity to witness the action-packed event exclusively on DAZN, available through pay-per-view.

On the other hand, KSI, who has set his sights on a future showdown with Jake Paul, is ‘reportedly’ on the verge of finalizing a highly anticipated fight against Tommy Fury to resolve their longstanding rivalry in an intense grudge match.

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