Former NBA star mesmerized by Ausar Thompson and Marcus Sasser, drops hilarious remarks on rookies: “Arrange a marriage with my daughters”

Former NBA star, known for his charismatic personality and entertaining remarks, recently shared his admiration for Ausar Thompson and Marcus Sasser, two promising rookies. In a lighthearted comment, the ex-player jokingly suggested arranging a marriage between his daughters and the talented young athletes.

The humorous remark caught the attention of fans and sparked curiosity about the rookies’ skills and potential.

Monty Williams hails Ausar Thompson and Marcus Sasser

During the Detroit Pistons’ Summer League Game against the Spurs, HC Monty Williams couldn’t help but express his admiration for rookies Ausar Thompson and Marcus Sasser.

In a lighthearted comment made during an ESPN interview, Williams praised the duo’s toughness and their ability to make clutch plays. He went on to humorously mention that their winning basketball skills made him consider arranging a marriage between his daughters and the talented rookies.

Thompson, selected fifth overall by the Pistons, has shown versatility and impressive statistics in the Summer League. While his scoring efficiency and shooting still has room for improvement, Thompson is expected to play a significant role under Coach Williams in the upcoming season.

As for Sasser, the Pistons acquired his draft rights in a trade during this year’s draft. Joining a talented backcourt that includes top pick Cade Cunningham, Sasser expressed his excitement about the team’s high basketball IQ and defensive prowess.

Ausar Thompson and Marcus Sasser’s performances at NBA Summer League

The NBA Summer League has given rookies Ausar Thompson and Marcus Sasser a chance to show off their skills and make an impact on the Detroit Pistons. These exceptional young athletes took advantage of the opportunity and created a lasting impression on the court.

Thompson and Sasser demonstrated their enormous potential and ability to contribute to the squad in their game against the San Antonio Spurs. Thompson scored 18 pts, along with 14 rebounds highlighting his versatility and effectiveness in both scoring and rebounding. Sasser complimented him by showing his scoring prowess by scoring 10 points in restricted minutes, demonstrating his ability to have an offensive impact.

Their excellent performance continued against the Raptors, establishing their potential as important contributors for the Pistons. Thompson, scored 17 points, 9 rebounds, 3 AST, and 4 steals. Sasser complimented his efforts with 15 pts and 7 AST, demonstrating his ability as a playmaker.

The performances of Thompson and Sasser in the NBA Summer League have piqued the interest of many Pistons supporters, as they have shown flashes of their potential and ability to make a strong impact. As they continue to develop their skill sets and gain experience, the road ahead seems promising for these rookies.


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