Who are Thompson twins picked by Rockets and Pistons? Looking at brother duo picked at No.4 and No.5 in NBA Draft

In a rare occurrence during the 2023 NBA Draft, the Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons made consecutive picks that saw Thompson Twins selected. The Rockets chose Amen Thompson as the fourth overall pick, followed by the Pistons selecting his brother, Ausar Thompson, with the fifth pick.

With a basketball pedigree, athleticism, versatility, and strong instincts, Amen and Ausar have already showcased their skills in college basketball. It will be interesting to see the impact the twins will leave on the sport.

How did Thompson Twins create history in the NBA draft?

Amen and Ausar Thompson, who were the first set of brothers to be chosen in the top 10 picks of a single NBA Draft, cemented their names in the annals of the NBA Draft. This incredible feat was made possible by the Houston Rockets drafting Amen with the fourth overall pick, and the Pistons picking Ausar with the fifth overall pick.

Amen, a 6-foot-7 guard, gives the Rockets’ young nucleus a dynamic skill set. He has the ability to have an early impact in Houston with his playmaking skills and scoring prowess close to the hoop. Ausar, who is also 6-foot-7, is a crucial weapon for the budding Pistons because of his shooting prowess and attacking mindset.

Both twins demonstrated their talent when playing together with the G League’s Overtime Elite prior to their NBA draft success. Their potential in the league is further increased by their excellent athleticism and defensive skills.

Thompson Twins’ Journey to NBA

The Thompson twins, Amen and Ausar, made history in the 2023 NBA draft by becoming top-five picks. Amen was selected fourth by the Houston Rockets, while Ausar was taken fifth by the Detroit Pistons. Their journey to the NBA took a unique path, as they opted to bypass college and instead played in the Overtime Elite League.

While many top prospects choose the G-League Ignite as an alternative to college, the Thompson twins seized the opportunity provided by the Overtime Elite League. This league allowed them to earn a salary and maintain college eligibility, providing financial security and development opportunities at a young age.

For the Rockets, Amen Thompson represents the point guard of the future. Competition for playing time with Kevin Porter Jr. may push Thompson to continue improving and reaching his full potential.

As the Thompson twins embark on their NBA journey, their unique path to the league showcases the evolving landscape of player development and the opportunities available to talented young players outside of the traditional college route.


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