Anthony Taylor reveals neither Jake Paul nor Tommy Fury pose the greatest threat to KSI, driving fans into a frenzy

Anthony Taylor seems to have confidence in his own boxing abilities and believes that he has what it takes to defeat KSI.

While there is a long-standing animosity between KSI and Jake Paul, and there has been speculation about a potential fight between KSI and Tommy Fury, Anthony sees himself as a more formidable opponent for KSI.

Anthony Taylor reveals the ultimate threat to KSI

Anthony Taylor may have his own reasons and motivations for believing that he can be a threat to KSI. In a recent tweet, h has expressed he is capable of defeating the YouTuber-turned-boxer. 

“I’m the only fighter on Misfits Boxing who poses a threat to KSI and I’m only 5’6 168lb,” Taylor said. 

It can be assumed that Taylor may have seen vulnerabilities in KSI’s fighting style that he can exploit. However, he hasn’t been that successful experiences in his own boxing career yet. 

Fans express displeasure over Anthony Taylor vs KSI matchup

Boxing fans didn’t quite like what Taylor expressed. For example, Don Juan said, “Even if you did, which you don’t, you are hands down the most boring fighter on misfits. The only time you did anything was to a debutant in Rak Su. Might as well void every other win as a “scraped to a decision”.

Another user thinks it is not the perfect time for them to square off rather Taylor should go after Deji as he said, “KSI would probably not fight you right now, you’d have to fight Deji probably and then call KSI out.” 

“Despite what you said being true no one wants to see you fight Ksi because you don’t have the gas tank to survive 6 + rounds. Also you haven’t knocked guys out all your fights have been decision wins.” Wil said. 

Taylor was supposed to be taking part in MMA according to a user’s comment as he said, “You still here? Thought yous be back at bellator scene as though all you shout I’d your a mma fighter.”

Another user expressed his thoughts claiming Anthony too doesn’t pose any threat to the internet influencer by saying, “You don’t pose a threat to KSI you have no good wins the only good people you fought destroyed you KSI beat a 9-0 pro he would finish you in a round. But you are just like Wade Plem glazing Jake Paul’s penis at any time you can”

Do you think Anthony Taylor is a perfect matchup for KSI? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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