Colin Cowherd lays into Patriots HC Bill Belichick for “odd” draft picks

Ever since the legendary quarterback Tom Brady left the New England Patriots, the team’s head coach Bill Belichick had been failing to maintain an upward trajectory and continue the legacy he created with the retired NFL GOAT.

With the NFL draft being a hot topic among football enthusiasts, the renowned sports commentator Colin Cowherd did not mince his words as he directed harsh criticism towards Belichick for what he described as “odd” draft picks made by the team and blamed him for the franchise’s recent downturn.

Colin Cowherd questions Bill Belichick draft choices

Cowherd credited Bill for his unwavering effort to lead his team to a golden period and acknowledged his historical success, however, he pointed out several instances where the team seemed to have veered from their usual draft approach.

“I’m watching their moves; they make no sense. They drafted three guards and two kickers. First three picks were defense.”

Bill Belichick

The NFL commenter expressed surprise and skepticism about the New England team’s decision to focus on defense more despite doing terribly bad on the offensive side as their m 18.2 offensive points per game were its worst since Year 1 under the veteran coach in 2000.

“They are the slowest offense in the league. Doesn’t it strike you odd over the last two drafts, two years, the lack of offensive awareness?”

Cowherd blames HC for the recent slump of the Patriots

Colin blamed the Patriots’ HC for not giving flexibility to TB12 regarding the team’s offense and letting Jimmy Garoppolo go at a crucial moment.

“Belichick largely ran the Patriots’ dynasty. Robert Kraft hands off. Brady was never subversive. It was Bill’s team and in fact later he complained about not having a say in the offense. Brady eventually leaves because he just doesn’t get control even though there was a moment Tom goes to Kraft, they sell off Garoppolo. And it was the one time Belichick was not running the show.”

The analyst delivered another blow to the 71-year-old coach saying he didn’t provide Mac Jones with the freedom and highlighted the lack of speed in the offensive receivers saying they always prefer to avoid risks on the field.

“So, Mac Jones comes in, little bit of an ego, little bit of an attitude. And it feels like Bill is really punishing him and marginalizing him. They re-signed DeVante Parker. Juju Smith-Schuster, those are player that need coaching and schemes to get open. They do not separate. They have no tight end or receiver that is an ad libber, a play maker, maybe the slowest team in the perimeter in the league.”

He held Brady’s former coach responsible for the franchise’s diminishing performance over the period saying, “And what it does, it drives the organization, once again, back through Bill. Run Game. Defense.”

As the NFL offseason progresses, only time will tell whether Belichick’s odd draft picks will pay off or bid adieu to New England in a precarious position, however, the legacy he built with Brady will always be remembered by every NFL fan.


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