Vince McMahon once said the N-word in front of John Cena, Booker T during WWE broadcast

Vince McMahon, the chairman, and CEO of WWE, uttered a racist slur during a WWE broadcast in front of John Cena and Booker T. This disturbing occurrence has come up again in recent conversations. This information has sparked a contentious discussion regarding responsibility and how racial insensitivity is handled in the wrestling business.

Critics contend that the lack of consequences casts doubt on the business’s dedication to diversity and inclusion. This article investigates the incident and its broader ramifications for combating racism in the WWE.

Why Vince McMahon never got canceled for saying John Cena the N-word?

Vince McMahon allegedly used the racial epithet “n-word” during a WWE backstage event in 2005, giving rise to a legitimate concern about why he never received serious punishment or was “canceled” for his behavior. Many people are wondering why McMahon, the owner of WWE, did not experience the same level of criticism or public outcry as other people in comparable circumstances.

It is significant to note that WWE responded to the incident by asserting that it was a premeditated skit involving invented characters, similar to what is seen in scripted television programs and movies. This remark makes it more likely that WWE was attempting to diffuse the situation by portraying it as a performance rather than a real statement of McMahon’s own opinions.

There are several reasons why McMahon escaped punishment. First of all, WWE is a part of the professional wrestling industry, where there is frequently a blurring of the borders between fiction and reality in plots and characters. The way the incident was viewed by fans and the general public may have been affected by this particular background.

In addition, McMahon wields considerable authority and influence both within WWE and throughout the wrestling business. Being the CEO and chairman of WWE may have protected him from some of the repercussions that others in like circumstances could experience.

Ultimately, the reasons for McMahon not facing significant repercussions for the alleged incident are complex and multi-faceted. The perception of the incident as a scripted skit and McMahon’s position of power within the industry may have played a role in limiting the backlash and consequences he faced.

Reactions to Vince McMahon’s N-word usage

The revelation of Vince McMahon allegedly using the N-word during a backstage WWE event in 2005 evoked mixed and varied reactions. Some individuals were shocked and outraged by the incident, questioning why McMahon did not face more severe consequences for his actions.

Within the wrestling community, many people viewed the incident as part of the scripted nature of professional wrestling. They argued that McMahon’s use of the racial slur was a scripted moment for a fictional character, similar to what is seen in other forms of entertainment. This perspective led to an understanding and dismissal of the incident as a performance rather than a personal expression.

Others, however, felt McMahon’s use of the N-word to be extremely disrespectful and reprehensible. They held the opinion that the use of such a racially charged epithet should never be condoned, regardless of the setting or the intention behind it. These people criticized McMahon for his profanity and requested that he take responsibility for his conduct and suffer the consequences.

The wide range of responses to the incident emphasizes how challenging it is to handle delicate and divisive topics in the entertainment industry. Some were inclined to give McMahon the benefit of the doubt due to the artificial nature of professional wrestling, but others emphasized the importance of upholding a zero-tolerance policy against racially offensive remarks.


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