Why Vince McMahon is considered a difficult person? WWE HOF outlines the actual reason

Vince McMahon is a common face to the wrestling lovers. He is a businessman and carries out the duties of executive chairman of WWE. The corporate man has other burgeoning businesses including Alpha Entertainment which was built in 2017 but he is mostly known as a WWE executive and its major shareholder.

The business pro stepped into the wrestling era long ago but still couldn’t find a favorable place in the hearts of the fighters as everyone dislikes him for one reason or another. So let’s have a look at why people call him a hard nut to crack.

Understanding Vince McMahon’s reputation as a challenging personality

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long is among those who can’t stand the executive as he is tough to tackle. During an interview when he asked about what’s it like to work with Vince, he shared his tale of dissatisfaction and grief over the chairman.

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Teddy tries to shed some light on his character calling it very intimidating for any fighters to stand before him. He added, even the biggest WWE megastars are also scared of facing him.

However, he concludes his statement by showing some sympathy for the businessman. Moreover, he justifies his demeanor as normal for a chairman who is in charge of maintaining such a grand business empire as WWE.

Has Vince McMahon regained control of WWE Creative?

Vince reclaimed his seat within the WWE this January and this move of him spread rumors of him taking full control of WWE creative. However, the man himself cleared away the clouds of confusion mentioning that he will keep his involvement limited to only high-profile decisions and nothing else.

Now, time will tell if the chairman will be back on his usual control freak nature for the WWE creative holding its grip or not.

Irrespective of what remarks people make on Vince’s attitude, this man is damn serious about his cherished platform WWE. Moreover, this man has handled his high-profile position within the organization for many years with firm determination keeping the speculations and criticism of the public at bay.

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