Did Vince McMahon’s alleged s**** misconduct influence WWE’s merger with UFC? Here’s the inside scoop

All’s well that ends well; perhaps this ancient proverb doesn’t align with the WWE face Vince McMahon as the former chairman reached the end of his 40-year WWE tenure with some unerasable stigma on his forehead.

As the fame and name of the business giant are at a stake, many are wondering if his notoriety will affect WWE and its potential merger with the UFC.

So, let’s unfold more about the issue concerning Vince McMahon’s allegations and their effects on WWE.

What were the Vince McMahon allegations and their aftermath?

McMahon was accused of sexual misconduct with numerous women over the course of 16 years. And as part of hiding the crime, he paid out $15 million money to the victims as hush money. He intended to put a lid on their mouths so that the suffering woman can’t raise their voice and defame him.

Besides this, there were allegations of promoting an unsafe environment for women who work in the WWE. He was thought to be cultivating a horrible working atmosphere where women get abused.

Over these fiery allegations, WWE didn’t take any immediate action. Later, they founded a committee that would investigate the allegations made against him. At that moment, Vince stepped down from his position. When the investigation was over, the committee gave no direct briefing on the charges.

What did Vince McMahon say about his s**** misconduct influence on WWE’s merger with UFC?

Although the man has retired from his prestigious position, he still holds the largest share of WWE and will have a strong influence over its operations.

Vince McMahon

Several months after his retirement, the 77 years old business rejoined the board of the company. When Vince McMahon was asked if his allegations induced his decision to merge with the UFC, he said that he always want to do the best thing for the organization. The man added his allegations and charges had nothing to do with his decision to join UFC and that he will always uphold the honor of WWE over anything else.

The former CEO also mentioned that he had committed mistakes in the past but it would be unfair to have a negative impression of WWE because of his own individual mistakes.

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