“He’s getting c*cked by a kid named Dominik”: Max Caster bodies Buddy Mathews with a Dominik Mysterio reference, met by loud gasps from the live crowd

In a moment that elicited gasps from the live crowd, Max Caster, an All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star, mentioning Dominik Mysterio unleashed a scorching verbal assault on Buddy Matthews, real-life boyfriend of Rhea Ripley, during the enthralling event known as AEW Double or Nothing 2023. Caster’s rap game was on fire, and his clever wordplay left an indelible mark on the audience.

Dominik Mysterio has been at the center of arguably one of the Wrestling events at the moment. He also had a clash with his own father, Rey Mysterio recently.

Max Caster Drops Dominik Mysterio Bombshell at AEW ‘Double or Nothing’

When House of the Black responded to a Trios team challenge, The Acclaimed, accompanied by Billy Gunn, stepped forward to accept the match. It was during this fiery encounter that Max Caster seized the opportunity to rap about various subjects, including the situation involving Buddy Matthews, whom he claimed was being “c*cked” by a “kid named Dominik.”

The “Dominik” mentioned by Caster is none other than WWE superstar Dominik Mysterio, who has been part of Rhea Ripley’s on-screen storyline. The reason behind this direct jab at Matthews stems from the real-life relationship between him and Rhea Ripley. Caster’s quick-witted rap not only entertained the audience but also cleverly merged both the fictional and real-life relationships in the wrestling world.

While Rhea Ripley and Buddy Matthews are indeed a couple off-screen, Ripley’s character on television shares a close bond with Dominik Mysterio. Though Ripley often maintains her on-screen relationship with Dominik on social media, she has also shared workout videos featuring Buddy on Instagram, adding to the complexity of their intertwined wrestling lives.

Fiction Meets Reality: House of Black Dominance Prevails at AEW Double or Nothing

In this entangled web of relationships, where kayfabe meets the real world, the House of Black’s dominance prevailed once again, leaving the Acclaimed and Billy Gunn in their formidable wake. The question now lingers: What lies ahead for this seemingly ‘unstoppable’ faction as they continue to carve their path of destruction?

From fiery roasts to gravity-defying maneuvers, this electrifying event proved yet again why combat sports captivate audiences with their unique blend of athleticism and storytelling prowess.

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