What happened with Dana White and Oscar De La Hoya? exploring their ongoing beef

Dana White is the active president of the biggest mixed martial arts platform in the world, UFC. On the other hand, Oscar De La Hoya is a former boxer and a boxing promoter. In the sporting world, these two are known for their rivalries which started long ago but still getting intensified with each passing second.

So, it is time to unfold what really happened between the duo and how they ended up becoming each other’s enemies.

How Dana White and Oscar De La Hoya beef started?

The root of White and Hoya’s long-standing beef can be traced back to 2017. It started when the boxing promoter issued his statement over Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather’s fight to be quite disrespectful to the boxing community.

In his comment, the UFC president got furious and publicly criticized Hoya exposing the details of his drug and alcohol addictions. Things got really fired up at this point and their beef intensified.

Their feud was exacerbated when the lineal championship winner posted a video of White and his wife in a club where the couple was spotted slapping each other.

As a response to the issue, the president said he and his wife were extremely drunk and they had no idea what they were doing. He further that it was an unintentional turn and requested people not to share their private moments with the rest of the world.

Is Dana White and Oscar De La Hoya beef squashed?

When Dana was asked about Oscar, he mentioned that they were once good friends but now after what the man has caused, it is impossible for him to give Hoya a space in his life once again.

In his own word, the UFC man said, “That guy did way too much damage for us to ever be friends again. I appreciate his apology. I get it. We’re cool, but we’re never going to be that cool.”

Dana White and Hoya were very good friends in the past before having a stressful equation. So who knows, they might feel the urge to go back to their golden days in the future keeping every bit of hatred at bay.

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