Bill Belichick unveils versatile role for rookie Christian Gonzalez in Patriots defense: “Bring them in and let them learn”

Christian Gonzalez, a fresh rookie of the New England Patriots has somehow managed to impress the team’s head coach Bill Belichick and is on his way to have the edge over the league in his starting period. Lately, the HC talked about the role of the new bee and how he can contribute to the team’s supremacy.

Bill seems very satisfied with the new young players who are making their debut with NFL legend Tom Brady’s long-reigning partner. Especially he seems to hold great expectations over the new athlete Christian.

Belichick confirms Christian Gonzalez’s role

During an interview with the 33rd Team, the Patriots coach shared some words of hope and expectations dedicated to the new Draft pick of the team. Christian Gonzalez is the first-round, seventeen pick of this season’s draft and currently utilizing his time with his teammates in the training sessions.

When the coach was asked about the aspirant’s potential position in the team, Bill reiterate that some versatile roles have seen stored for him within the league.

He said, “We’ll work him at a number of positions, like we do almost all players at this point in time in the spring, and then narrow it down a little bit when we get to the training camp”.

The Patriots personnel also shed some light on why the team is focusing more on their rookies. Belichick mentioned that it is vital for the team to speed up its development for the upcoming seasons and rookies with potential can help the team to precipitate the growth.

In his own words, Tom Brady’s mentor said, “In the spring, the plan’s always kind of the same for these guys: bring them in, let them learn how to be a professional football player and a New England Patriots”.

How many draft picks do the Patriots have in 2023?

This season the Patriots drafted rookies lavishly with the view to bolstering the team. A total of 12 new faces have entered the dominion of the NFL through the Patriots.

Let’s have a look at the list of the players-

1. Christian Gonzalez: Round 1, Pick 17

2. Keion White: Round 2, Pick 46

3. Marte Mapu: Round 3, Pick 76

4. Jake Andrews: Round 4, Pick 107

 5. Chad Ryland: Round 4, Pick 112

6. Sidy Sow: Round 4, Pick 117

7. Antonio Mafi: Round 5, Pick 144

8. Kayshon Boutte: Round 6, Pick 187

9. Bryce Baringer: Round 6, Pick 192

10. Demario Douglas: Round 6, Pick 210

11. Ameer Speed: Round 6, Pick 214

12. Isaiah Bolden: Round 7, Pick 245

How the Patriots is more likely to perform depending on their Greenhorn players? Don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below.

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