Isaiah Thomas drops truth bomb on ‘youngins’ dreaming to be drafted in NBA: “Get in they BAG already”

Thursday night witnessed the blockbuster NBA draft and Isaiah Thomas was seen visiting The Compound to refresh his memories. The former NBA all-star offered advice to the newcomers, both on and off the field. his recent tweet throws light on his ideas about the draft and how the youngsters should look at the big opportunity. 

Drafted in the second round in the 2011 season, the twice All-star player called the moment the beginning of his real life. He was quoted saying, 

“It was really a dream come true and I always think about that to this day. That day changed my life, June 23rd, 2011. That’s when real life really started for me.”

Isaiah Thomas’ NBA career

The point guard began his basketball career in 2008 with the University of Washington. Post being named PAC Freshman of the Year, and spending three seasons with Washington, IT joined the draft in 2011. 

In the beginning, he was chosen by the Sacramento Kings as the 60th pick. Throughout his career, he played with several franchises including Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics, Cleaveland Cavaliers, and Los Angeles Lakers. Now, he is associated with the Denver Nuggets since 2018. 

Isaiah Thomas’ views on young stars chasing money in NBA

In a 22nd June Twitter post, Isaiah Thomas wrote about the young newcomers’ obsession with money. His message was loud and clear: he advised them to love the game instead of the money that runs in the NBA. According to him, winning could be impacted without the “bag,” or simply put, the money. 

The tweet came in reply to Steve Bulpett, who wrote about how newbies “want to show what’s in their bag, and the problem is you’re showing us the exact opposite of what we want to see.”

Fans claimed IT’s response to be pure, raw advice. Many considered the statement to be absolutely true and coming from a legend, it was simply gold. 

Truly, sports may lose their passion factor soon if newer and younger players do not stop chasing the material gains of the game. Such advice must be heeded by the rookies to be successful more than financially. Skillsets are more crucial in the NBA draft.

What are your thoughts regarding a player’s bias for money? Do you believe it can adversely affect their performance? Should young players notice and follow their seniors like Isaiah to be better at the game they love? Let us know your opinions in the comments. 


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