Weeks after losing key bench support, Lakers succumb to Frank Vogel’s pillage yet again

After dramatically roping in the Lakers acclaimed player development coach Jon Pastorek, the Suns have struck yet again. The team has managed to sign another of their opponents’ backroom pivots. 

This time around the person lured is video coordinator cum development coach, Dru AnthropHe will reportedly be joining Frank Vogel as the assistant coach of the Suns. 

Darvin Ham is set for a rough patch as he must decide on the team’s off-field planning and training himself. Given this scenario, it is imperative for the head coach to continue to retool his staff for the upcoming season. 

Suns HC lured former assistant from Lakers backroom

After spending four seasons with the Lakers, Dru Anthrop is now back to work with his former colleague. Frank was also a part of the LA team from 2019-2022. the duo also featured together in the Orlando Magic backroom. 

Apart from Dru and Pastorek, Phoenix Suns have also managed to successfully bring in quite a few more of the supporting staff from the Lakers side. These include David Fizdale, Quinton Crawford, Miles Simon, and John Lucas III, according to a report by Lakers Nation

Losing multiple coaches in a very short span of time might be a considerable setback for the Los Angeles team. However, noting the quality of staff retained with the team, this should not have a long-lasting effect on the team.

The Lakers have to work towards filling up the gaps that have been left by the resignations.  

Darvin Ham’s player development department takes significant hit

Despite significant hits to the player development segment of the Los Angeles Lakers, they have nonetheless managed to hold back solid elements. One of these retentions is Phil Handy, who has publicly stated that he will not be quitting the Lakers anytime soon. 

However, there seem to be more critical topics to ponder over for the franchise. Post the team’s defeat against the Nuggets, their star player LeBron James has decided to think of retirement over the summer. 

LeBron James

While the Suns already seem to be one step ahead of the Lakers in terms of recruitment. Not only have they managed to sign Bradley Beal in a trade, but also acquired a significant percentage of their coaching prowess. Through these deals, it may be predicted that both teams are going to be strong forces to deal with this upcoming season.

What are your thoughts regarding the signing of Dru Anthrop and Jon Pastorek? Do you believe recruitments are enough to push a team forward?


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