Ex-NBA star Jamal Crawford discusses how Spurs can capitalize on Victor Wembanyama’s unique skillset: “Little bit different”

Jamal Crawford, a former NBA player, provided his thoughts on how the San Antonio Spurs can maximize the potential of their newest signing, Victor Wembanyama. Crawford emphasized that Wembanyama’s skill set is “a little bit different” than what the Spurs have had in the past, emphasizing the French phenom’s distinct qualities on the court.

He talked about how the Spurs can use Wembanyama’s versatility, length, and defensive ability to develop a winning recipe. Crawford lauded the organization for its history of cultivating young talent and expressed hope that Wembanyama’s arrival would energize the team.

Jamal Crawford’s Take on Victor Wembanyama

During a recent interview on the “Dan Patrick Show,” former NBA player Jamal Crawford discussed how the San Antonio Spurs can effectively use their top draught choice, Victor Wembanyama. Crawford praised Wembanyama’s unique skill set, mentioning his size, mobility, adaptability, and abilities that earned him the nickname “alien” from LeBron James.

Crawford believes that Wembanyama’s role will be mostly determined by his ability to execute in a variety of spots of the floor, including the perimeter, mid-post, and pick-and-roll scenarios. Given Wembanyama’s remarkable ability, Crawford feels the Spurs will need to adjust their methods to fit his unique talents, emphasizing that the experience will be unique for both the individual and the squad.

The Spurs struggled offensively last season, finishing in the bottom five in field goal efficiency and three-point shooting. They also struggled defensively, finishing worst in defensive rating. Wembanyama’s arrival is expected to immediately improve the team’s performance on both sides of the floor.

The Spurs have the ability to enhance their squad across numerous positions, with head coach and president of basketball operations Gregg Popovich expected to bring in senior players to complement the young French prodigy.

Can Victor Wembanyama win Rookie of the Year?

While Victor Wembanyama is widely considered the favorite to win Rookie of the Year, it’s important to remember that the title does not always go to the most highly regarded prospect. Unexpected victors have emerged in previous seasons as a result of variables such as restricted playing time or late-season surges by other candidates.

Wembanyama has tremendous talent and potential, and his unique skill set has earned parallels to NBA legends. The new NBA rules requiring players to play in at least 65 games in order to be eligible for individual honors may also have an impact on his candidature.


While the San Antonio Spurs will most likely manage Wembanyama’s workload wisely and prioritize his growth above individual awards, his impact on both ends of the floor has the potential to greatly benefit the team. His ability to contribute quickly and put up strong statistics on a losing team, a trait shared by previous Rookie of the Year winners, should help his chances.

Other talented rookies to keep an eye on include Brandon Miller, who is anticipated to have a set role and might excel straight away. While Wembanyama is a strong competitor, it is still too early for us to tell.

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