“We’ll see them”: Bengals’ QB Joe Burrow breaks silence on Chiefs after Patrick Mahomes, Ja’Marr Chase trash talk

During their most recent back-to-back appearances, the rivalry between the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs intensified, and there was fierce competition for the victory. However, it continues throughout the offseason, as evidenced by the most recent correspondence sent out by none other than Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow.

After a mini social media war between Bengals’ wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase and the Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes reagrding the league’s best player, the Bengals’ dashing quarterback appeared to respond to a diss between the two teams’ players.

Joe Burrow breaks silence on Chiefs vs Bengals trash talk

Burrow, a silent assassin, prefers to respond by playing games rather than using profanity. After losing the AFC Championship, the 2-year-old is now 3-1 against Mahomes. Burrow gave a direct response to the offseason chatter in a segment with Complex Sports’ Kameron Hay that came out on Monday. He also urged him to concentrate on the rematch against Kansas City in Week 17.

“The best thing about that is it’s all settled on the field. So we’ll see them in December,” he said.

The Bengals are unbeaten against the Chiefs without the Kansas City teams’ last few seasons’ after their legendary quarterback took the lead. Hence, the Bengals’ have all the formulas against their recent most rival team except Patrick for which surely they have built on some destructive strategy this season. Joe hinted at the strategy and also mentioned bringing some extra weapons against the whole Chiefs team.

“Keep doing exactly what we’re doing,” he said. “I think we’ve put a great plan together the last couple of years, now we just have to finish it off. We have essentially the same team with, you know, a couple lost pieces, but we also added a couple pieces that I think will help us. So just continuing to grind every day and get better and better. It sounds cliché, but that’s really how you do it.”

What happened with Patrick Mahomes and Ja’Marr Chase

The story began with Burrow himself though he was not one to instigate any fire against Mahomes and the Chiefs. As the Bengals veteran faced a question asking the best QB in the league, he purportedly gave the nod to Pats.

Whatever, as Chase also encountered the same question a few days later, he chose to pour some water on the Chiefs quarterbacks’ reputation. The wide receiver declared his Joe as the best one while sparking the rivalry between the Chiefs and the Bengals by saying, “Pat who?”.

The two-time MVP then took the strike in the ring ceremony of the Chief’s Super Bowl victory. By focusing on the two rings that he clinched within four years with the team, the quarterback replied to Ja’Marrs’ subtle dig by retorting,” That’s Who”.

Whatever, the battle of mouth already started among the players of the Bengals and the Chiefs. Now, the NFL world is speculating to witness a high-voltage battle of the foot between the two teams.


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