What is David Beckham’s net worth? Exploring all the business ventures he owns

David Beckham is a former English football player who is currently acting as a president and co-owner of two soccer clubs, Inter Miami CF and Salford City. Upon retirement, the athlete invested his vast fortune in various business projects that fattened his bank balance heavily.

So, it is time to explore his business project and his current net worth.

What is David Beckham’s net worth?

As of 2023, the footballer’s net worth stands at $450 million which he accumulated from his career earnings, his endorsements, and business projects.

What businesses does David Beckham own?

Here comes some of his prominent business projects

  • DB Ventures

David established his company DB Ventures in the year 2014 intending to handle his endorsement contracts and post-retirement projects through it. Some of the successful deals that have been completed with the help of this company are Tudor Watch, Adidas and not to mention Haig Club.

  • Football Club

A big portion of the footballer’s income now comes from his association with two football clubs, Inter Miami CF and Salford City. And Beckham considers his decision to invest in those projects to be very fruitful for him.

  • Starts up

Zenga and MyFitnessPal are the names of two tech companies where the former PSG star has put his money. Observing the potential of fast-moving technological changes around the world, David made up his mind to use his money there.

  • Studio 99

David’s business portfolio would look incomplete without investing in the entertainment industry. And to fill up the gap, he created his production company Studio 99 which makes content across all kinds of media from TV to movies.

  • House 99

House 99 is a unique brand of English footballers that offers various skin care products and beautification items through retailers and online platforms.

It is not just about one or two but an entire set of exceptional skills from free kicks to accurate passing and crossing that make David Beckham an unforgettable name in the history of soccer. Although his playing career wrapped up its baggage long ago, the footballer’s fame and charm are still as green as ever.

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