What went wrong for Bills WR Stephon Diggs? QB Josh Allen drops truth bomb on his teammate’s future

NFL authorities are going through a tough time handling their players this minicamp season as every now and then there are reports of heated moments between the footballers and the teams. And such is the story between Stephon Diggs and the Buffalo Bills.

As per reports, the wide receiver will not be attending his team’s mandatory minicamp this season because of his ongoing tension with the team.

So, let’s find out more about the story and the reasons behind the Diggs-Bills feud.

Is Stephon Diggs leaving the Bills?

The rumors of the WR leaving the Bills is on the air for a long time now and seemingly getting more intense with time. Besides, Diggs’s no-show at the minicamp is adding more fuel to the ongoing fire.

The player undoubtedly added more valuable records to the team’s history. Since, he put on the Bills jersey, each of his three seasons with the team was fruitful enough as he acquired 1,200 receiving yards, and more than 100 receptions along with 29 touchdowns.

His performance with the Bills is much higher compared to what he did during his tenure with Minnesota Vikings. Losing a gem like him would undoubtedly be a great loss for the Buffalos. So, it remains to be seen if they try to retain the proficient receiver by aligning with his demands or not.

Which incident started the feud between the Bills and Stephon Diggs?

Stephon used his social media accounts this season to post mysterious comments about the Bills but hasn’t opened up on the reasons behind the problem.

However, according to various sources, the footballer was utterly disappointed with the Bills’ playoff performance this season. And he considers his talents couldn’t be properly utilized in the team and these are the reasons that frustrated him.

The three times Pro Bowl was also seen leaving his locker room this season over his disappointment on the team’s miserable season. His teammates then rushed to bring him back.

What did Josh Allen comment on Stephon Diggs situation?

Bills Quarterback Josh Allen is carrying out a bigger responsibility in soothing the stressful encounter between his team and the receiver. He had appeared before the media to give them insights into the issue.

The QB said that Stephon wants to remain a part of Bills and his issue isn’t related to contracts. However, he and his team are trying to handle the situation internally. In his own words, Josh said, “ Just trying to talk and listen at the same time and hear him out”.

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