Which NFL team does Taylor Swift support? Examining the singer’s NFL allegiance

Taylor Swift, the pop sensation known for her chart-topping hits and ever-evolving style, has long been an enigma when it comes to her NFL allegiances. The singer’s love for music is widely known, but her love for football? That’s a topic that has sparked curiosity among fans and sports enthusiasts alike.

Over the years, Taylor Swift’s affiliations with various NFL teams have been a subject of speculation and intrigue. While she has never publicly declared herself a die-hard fan of any particular NFL team, her journey through the football fandom has been fascinating to watch. Swift has been seen at numerous NFL games and events, often donning team colors and jerseys, but her allegiance has appeared to evolve over time.

Taylor Swift rocks in Chiefs’ red at GEHA field

One of the most significant developments in Taylor Swift’s NFL fandom is her rumored connection to the Kansas City Chiefs. The rumor mill went into overdrive when reports surfaced suggesting that she was dating Travis Kelce, the star tight end for the Chiefs.

On Sunday evening, she was seen at the Arrowhead, donning the famed jersey and sitting alongside Kelce’s mother in his private box. After the lopsided victory for the Chiefs, she was also spotted leaving the stadium along with Travis Kelce, adding more fuel to the rumors.

Swifties leader’s NFL allegiance

Despite the rumors and sightings, it’s essential to remember that Taylor Swift is a private individual when it comes to her personal life. Her NFL affiliations, like her music career, are subject to change. While it’s fun to speculate about her favorite team, Swift may choose to keep her true NFL allegiances a well-guarded secret.

However, as hardcore swifties would remember, in one of her songs titled “Gold Rush” from the album “Evermore,” the pop star had a lyric that goes, ‘With my Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door.’ Initially, people speculated that Taylor was making a reference to the renowned Eagles, while others believed she was referring to the Philadelphia Eagles. This ambiguity has remained a hot topic of debate among her dedicated fan base.

Taylor finally cleared the air on this matter at her most recent concert when she stated, “I saw some people wondering if it was the band the Eagles or the team the Eagles, and I love the band the Eagles. But guys, come on. I’m from Philly. Of course, it’s the team.”

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