Warriors sign ex-Heat starter Rodney McGruder, who was once roasted by Klay Thompson and Draymond Green

Former Detroit Pistons guard, Rodney McGruder is about to embark on a new chapter in his NBA career. As the 32-year-old joins the Golden State Warriors, his new teammates earlier comments on the player dating back to 2021 have resurfaced.

Various media outlets have already confirmed the deal for the free-agent superstar, but the internet was quick to react to what was said about Rodney McGruder by his future peers Klay Thompson and Draymond Green back in 2021, and while the Warriors are yet to confirm the arrival, the internet has already dug up the old clips aimed towards Rodney McGruder.

Warriors reportedly signed ex-Heat starter Rodney McGruder

Rodney McGruder to the “Dubs” has been confirmed by myultiple journalists, one of them being the Senior lead NBA Insider for The Athletic, Shams Charania.

It is also reported that McGruder will fight for a roster spot on the Warriors for the upcoming season and while he will share courts with Klay and Draymond, they might have to squash their old beef with each other which all started back during a regular season game when heated words were exchanged between Rodney McGruder and the Warriors’ bench. While Klay took an opportunity on air to share a few words, Draymond didn’t hold back either.

Warriors’ Klay Thompson and Draymond Green once roasted Rodney McGruder

During a game between the Golden State Warriors and Detroit Pistons which ended with the shooting guard exchanging a few words with the Warriors’ bench, Klay Thompson made a negative remark about Rodney McGruder’s approach and about his future.

Draymond Green had made a few remarks of his own too, which now looks like a three-way awkward situation. With the NBA still a few days away, the fans as equally as restless to watch their team as they are willing to see the outcome of this deal.

As Rodney McGruder dons the Warriors’ jersey and takes the court alongside his new teammates, fans will be watching to see how he contributes to the team’s success. The signing of McGruder adds depth to the Warriors’ roster and underscores the team’s commitment to building a competitive and versatile lineup.

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His defensive skills and tenacity on the court make him a valuable addition to the Warriors, especially given their emphasis on strong defensive play. While the playful jabs from Thompson and Green are part of the competitive spirit of the game, Rodney’s addition would add great squad depth and could even push them to honors all over again.

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