Which painting causes fallout between the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez? Exploring the origin of beef

All is not well with Cristiano Ronaldo as his family has turned on each other. His mother and his girlfriend are reportedly on bad terms, and all because of a painting.

In recent days, reports have come that Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are having problems in their relationship. And now further reports suggest Georgina has even fallen out with Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro.

Like all normal families, even the Ronaldo household has some common problems. The classic mother-daughter in law feud is also present in their household but is apparently more severe in their case.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The frosty relationship between girlfriend Georgina and mother Dolores Aveiro

Cristiano and Georgina first started dating in 2016, and yet his mother and girlfriend haven’t got along well. While both act well in public and praise each other, it is obvious all is not well between them. Dolores is also the grandmother to four of Ronaldo and Georgina’s children.

Dolores Aveiro esclarece por que motivo deixou de seguir Georgina no  instagram

Just a few weeks ago, the Lecturas magazine in Spain said that Dolores performed witchcraft on a doll that previously belonged to Georgina. Apparently, she did it to remove the girl away from her son’s life.

Obviously, Ronaldo’s mother quickly dismissed this accusation and said they were fake and created by the media to ruin her and her family’s reputation.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez Mourning Death of Newborn Son |  Vanity Fair

It is also widely thought that Dolores is the reason Ronaldo still hasn’t married Georgina. Dolores believes Georgina is only there for Ronaldo’s money and could divorce him to take away his vast wealth.

According to Marca, the first incident that caused the pair to fall out was when Georgina moved in with Cristiano in La Finca during his Real Madrid days. Ronaldo gave her permission to completely redecorate the house, according to her taste. This was to help Georgina feel more comfortable.

The painting that causes fallout

It was one of the changes made by the Spanish model that caused the fallout.

In the living room, above the fireplace, there was a huge painting of Ronaldo with his mother. But, after Georgina moved in, she removed the painting and put it in the garage. Instead, a new painting was found, one of Georgina’s own portraits.

This was later discovered by Dolores, who has since held an animosity towards the Spanish personality. She took the whole incident as a move by Georgina to replace her and an act of superiority against her.

She is a great support' - Cristiano Ronaldo's mum praises Georgina  Rodriguez for looking after Man Utd star | The US Sun

Even after seven years, this has continued to be the main factor in their relationship still not being reconciled.

Ronaldo previously broke his relationship with supermodel Irina Shayk due to a similar reason. It is thought she wanted to remove his mother’s influence from his life and instead, the Portuguese cut her off.

Recent reports suggest the relationship between Ronaldo and Georgina is unhappy and we could soon see a major rift.

Only time will tell, whether Dolores Aveiro or Georgina Rodriguez finally put their feud down for the sake of their family.

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