Which position among greatest big men in Lakers history will Tristan Thompson hold? Exploring performance vs Denver

Tristan Thompson has proved his mettle as one of the greatest big men in the LA Lakers. The player was seen hyping up star baller Anthony Davis in the game versus Memphis in the Western Conference first-round series. 

Davis was later heard appreciating Thompson for his supportive attitude as he performed an incredible seven blocks and three steals. He said, “Thank you for talking to me. I appreciate that. I need that. I need someone to get on me.

However, things have not always been bright for Tristan. Eight months ago, there was serious doubt about his upcoming NBA opportunities.

Tristan Thompson exhibits greatness as Lakers’ one of tallest players

Thompson’s close relationship with Lakers legend LeBron James and his championship experience are an asset to his team. So, when the Lakers required a mentor for their younger big lads, Mo Bamba and Wenyen Gabriel, the best choice had to be the 12-year-veteran. 

His workout with the Lakers youngsters featured mainly big-man drills, that include floaters and pick-and-roll finishes. Saying, “stuff that I’ve been doing for the last eight months in my workout,” he highlighted to all that he was still in the top league despite a big break in-between.

The Lakers signed Tristan Thompson so that would be eligible to be included in the playoff roster on the last day of the 2023 season.

Tristan Thompson’s performance against Denver

In the Western Conference Finals, when the Los Angeles men were 3-0 behind to Denver Nuggets, Darvin Ham understood he needed some switching. Given the Nuggets’ sizes and positions, Thompson’s extension for a few extra minutes proved to be an encouraging pat on the Lakers’ back. 

Although he only managed to score no more than 4 points and one rebound in under 10 minutes, fans are now convinced that Tristan is a valuable addition to the team. 

As an unrestricted free agent across the summer, the veteran baller has shown his prowess on the court. Naturally, there will be a growing crowd of fans who are going to support his presence on the NBA roster next season.

With an increasing pool of young players flowing into the NBA, there is an immediate requirement for mentors. Senior players who have been seasoned by the game are an asset to every team. Therefore, Tristan Thompson is indeed one of the greatest big men of the Los Angeles Lakers.

What are your opinions regarding the signing of veteran players? Who is your favorite big man of all time on the NBA court? 


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