Damian Lillard gets well wishes amid trade discussion: “Get him out of Portland! Deserves better”

Damian Lillard has been a great charismatic figure in the NBA for several years. The seven-time all-star has made a concrete place for himself among the top scorers of the league. 

The Portland Trail Blazers, are, naturally, not very keen to get their hand off their star baller. However, if sources are to be believed, the star does not seem happy about the team’s inability to trade the #3 overall pick.

Now, talks are on that Lillard will be meeting with the team’s management, represented by GM Joe Cronin. Despite a stellar career, Damian’s dreams of clinching an NBA title are still not realized.  

Damian Lillard deserves better than Portland Trail Blazers

This situation has placed him among the league’s most elite players who have never been decorated with a Championship title. Solidifying his position among players who have never reached the apex of NBA success Lillard’s acumen can never be overlooked.

Considering Portland’s NBA journey, it’s safe to assume that Damian’s publicly confessed wish will not be fulfilled here, at least in the near future. However, the GM has promised the star that he will be offered a better team next season. 

This statement is a reliable one, particularly with the drafting of Scoot Henderson in this season’s NBA draft. Teamed up with Dame, Henderson can prove to be a dangerous player for the opposition. 

Damian Lillard performance at Portland Trail Blazers 

The Trail Blazers have been shutting off all channels willing to rope in Damian Lillard. This phenomenon may go on for a while now if reports from Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN are relied upon.  

This past season, the superstar averaged his career-high points per game at 32.2. Furthermore, he is also a member of the league’s 75th Anniversary Team and has also exhibited one of the greatest shootings in the history of the NBA.

Damian Lillard

The NBA world full of critics and fans alike is quick to praise him, with phrases like ‘Dame Time’ trending soon after his grand performances.

As only the 8th player in NBA history to score 70+ points, Damian Lillard is important for the Blazers. Undoubtedly, they are going to do all in their might to retain the star player. However, the fact remains that his demands and aspirations should also be met. 

With trade deals ablaze this upcoming season, it would be interesting to see if the retention stands, or if some other team manages to acquire Portland’s gem. 

What are your thoughts on Damian’s trade? Do you think he should be retained?


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