Who Is Kyle Van Noy Wife Marissa Powell? Married life explored

Kyle Van Noy is a professional football player who plays as a linebacker. His NFL dream came became reality with Detroit Lions in the 2014 NFL Draft. Now he is a free agent and very much focused on moving forward with the illuminating career.

If asked, the footballer will say his biggest achievement in life besides stepping into the NFL grounds, is bagging his wife’s heart. This man over the years became the talk of the town for his love story with the ravishing lady.

So, let’s discover more about Kyle Van Noy Wife Marissa Powell, and the ins and outs of their married life.

Who Is Kyle Van Noy Wife Marissa Powell?

Marissa Powell got engaged with the linebacker in a gridlock. She is a stunning woman of 30 who was born on May 24, 1992.

Kyle Van Noy Wife Profession

Kyle Van Noy Wife

Marissa Powell is an American actress and a beauty pageant contestant. She gained immense popularity from her appearance in Miss USA 2013. The lady was remarkable in all of the beauty divisions and attained the position of runner-up in the competition.

Along with her career path, she is a working woman who holds an important position within her husband’s philanthropic organization ‘Van Noy Valor Organization’.

This foundation has a particular aim and that is to create positivity on adoption. Additionally, it works on helping adopted children so that they could have a healthy and safe growing environment.

Kyle Van Noy Wife Net Worth

Marissa Powell has a net worth of $1 million while her husband, Kyle Van Noy has $20 million in his pocket.

How many kids the couple has?

There are two adorable little souls in the love nest of the couple. Their first kid, Trae Legend Van Noy is 4 years old and was born on September 8, 2019.

Kyle Van Noy Wife

The second child, Giavanna Monnae Van Noy is 1 year old and was born on February 23, 2022.

How they got together?

Kyle Van Noy and his wife had been together for a very long time. And still, they enjoy an ever-fresh romance.

So, let’s hear how they met and finally became romantically involved.

  • How did they meet?

At one point during his career, the former Lions player was staying in Utah. Utah is Marissa’s hometown. And this is where the pair first met.

The actress always had an attraction for athletes which drew her toward the man easily. She held a firm belief that most sports-persons are humble and kind in nature. And her anticipation proved well with her husband as well.

  • How they became romantic partners?

The couple spent some years as part of their dating season. Then in 2013, the footballer proposed to his future bride in a spectacular ceremony. And as the lady gave a green signal over the issue saying yes, Kyle started taking preparations for the big day.

One year later in 2014, the couple got ready to exchange their vows in the Salt Lake City of Utah. Kith and kins from all over the country gather there, in Lake City to attend the ceremony and offer their blessings to the couple.

And this is how they became husband and wife for a lifetime.

Who is Kyle Van Noy wife? Know all about Marissa Powell

Did Kyle Van Noy date someone before hooking up Marissa Powell?

The 2014 NFL draft is not known to be involved with any other hot chick besides his wife. For as far as he can stretch back his love life, he will get only one name and that is Marissa Powell.

Similarly to her husband, the beauty pageant too was in search of love before she met him. And when their dating life began, Marissa felt her search for love is finally over as Kyle is the man she was looking for all these years.

Marissa Powell relation with her husband

Mutual respect is the foundation of any successful marriage and Marissa Powell understands that quite well. In her life, her husband remains in a highly respected place.

She leaves her busy schedule aside whenever the NFL stays lands on the ground to play. The compassionate lady even brings her children to the stadium to enjoy their father’s playing.

The couple is still madly in love in spite of leading a marriage of almost ten years. Their relationship goals are educative for the young couples out there who are looking forward to making the most of a blessed nuptial.

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