Who is Lamar Jackson favorite rapper? Exploring his music taste

Lamar Jackson is known for his electrifying performances on the football field, but what about his taste in music? Fans and music enthusiasts alike had been curious to know who the NFL star’s favorite rapper is, and Jackson shed some light on his music preferences earlier in a response to his admirers.

Jackson was slapped with a non-exclusive tag by the Ravens, making an uncertain future for one of the NFL’s most promising QB.

The veteran QB demanded a fully-guaranteed deal like the Minnesota Vikings did with Kirk Cousins and the Cleveland Browns did with Deshaun Watson. He frequently had long discussions with the team regarding a long-term deal, albeit the two sides were reportedly far apart in terms of details.

The Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson reveals his music preferences

In 2021, the Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson took to a Facebook Live event, hosted on the team’s official website to do a Q & A session with his fans. One of the fans asked the 26-year-old,” What kind of music do you listen to hype yourself up before a game?”

Lamar replied he wanted everyone to have a look over his music playlist, however, the list is too broad to share.

“I need to let everybody hear my playlist. But I listen to a lot of hip-hop music, a lot of rap, like Lil Wayne, Hot Boys […]Kodak [Black]. It puts me in the mood to play”, he said.

Born in Pompano Beach, the dual-threat used to play in nearby Boynton Beach, a popular hip-hop hotspot, hence, his love for hip-hop music came from his hometown.

Kodak Black, the Raven’s QB’s school friend is also one of the renowned rappers in the music industry from Jackson attending Kodak’s court hearings to Kodak getting head over heels in Jackson’s wins, they both supported each other throughout their careers.

Lamar Jackson

Black’s “Haitian Boy Kodak” was rumored to get nominated for Best Rap Album and Album of the Year at the Grammys back in 2021 and he tweeted asking his fans to vote for him in those categories. Lamar being the absolute true friend retweeted the plea with the rocket emojis, indicating a potential win for the rapper.

The veteran QB earlier appeared in a music video alongside Kodak and another popular rapper Loe Shimmy for the latter’s song “Bounty”, albeit Lamar appeared in the video only for a few seconds.

Lamar Jackson

Being his childhood sweetheart, Kodak would undoubtedly hold the top place in Jackson’s music choice list, however, the QB’s love for rap music adds another layer to his multi-faceted personality and further showcases his diverse interests beyond football.

As he continues to make waves on the football field, fans can expect to see him grooving to his favorite tunes in the locker room and beyond.


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