Who is Rockets’ coach Ime Udoka’s wife Nia long filing for exclusive custody of their son?

Nia Long, a popular actress, has recently filed for exclusive custody of her son, amid her divorce from Ime Udoka, who is the current head coach of the NBA team, the Houston Rockets. Udoka and Nia Long got engaged in 2015 with no plan to marry then. The relationship, however, ended in divorce, which has led to a potential custody battle over their child.

This high-profile couple’s situation is attracting significant attention from both sports and entertainment circles, given Udoka’s prominent position as a coach in a major professional basketball league and Long’s extensive acting career. As the legal proceedings unfold, the public will be watching closely to see how things progress and ultimately determine the future arrangements for their child.

Who is NBA coach Ime Udoka’s wife Nia Long

The current head coach of the Boston Celtics, Ime Udoka, was married to actress Nia Long. Nia Long is a popular Hollywood actress who has appeared in various film and television projects throughout her career.

Nia Long gained world fame from several movies she acted such as “Boyz n the Hood,” “Love Jones,” and “Soul Food.” She has also featured in TV operas like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “Third Watch,” and “Empire.” Nia Long has immense talent and a captivating screen presence. She has carved out a successful career in Hollywood.

Nia long

Nia Long’s affair with Ime Udoka, a former pro basketball player who later transitioned to coaching, has been an ongoing topic of interest, especially in the public. Long and Udoka first got together in 2010, and they have since built a strong affinity with each other while supporting each other’s careers.

Nia Long filed for a divorce from her husband for cheating in 2022 after news broke out that Udoka was having an affair with an NBA employee. And got separated from her husband since then, is trending for another reason.

Why has Nia long filed for full custody of her son with NBA coach Ime Udoka

The Actress has reportedly filed for full custody of her son with NBA coach Ime Udoka, The reports @TMZ X handle says “Nia Long Wants Primary Custody Of Son W/Ime Udoka, Says Coach Not Supporting Child”.

Another report by Robert Littal BSO @BSO X reads ”Nia Long Files For Sole Custody of Her Son and Claims Rockets Coach Ime Udoka Hasn’t Been There For the Boy After He Was Caught Sailing on The Leprechaun Milk Yacht in The Celtics Back Offices & Breaking Up Their 13-Year Engagement.” Sparking widespread speculation and interest in the NBA world. The reason for Long’s action is that Udoka is reportedly not taking care of the child.

Long’s decision to seek full custody may be influenced by her desire to provide stability and consistency for their child, ensuring their wellbeing is prioritized. As both parents are dedicated to their respective professions, reaching a compromise that supports the child’s best interests will be crucial in resolving this custody dispute. Their fans would be so interested to see what happens next after Long’s recent action.

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