NBA Trade Rumors: Spurs planned to offer a four-year, $100 million contract for Austin Reaves to snatch him before Lakers deal

Austin Reaves who joined the Lakers as an Undrafted free agent is now gradually becoming a heavyweight in the game. He has been with the Lakers since 2021 till date and has made a significant impact. He also played a crucial role in helping the Lakers reach the NBA Western Conference finals.

With his current contract with the LA Lakers still running. Austin Reaves is also greatly a part of the Laker’s plan alongside LeBron James to bounce back to winning championship days. As the new season begins soon. Hence, a trade rumor linking him in a 4 year $100 million with the Spurs is circulating. The NBA community would be eager to know about the details of this rumor.

Spurs reportedly planning huge offers for Austin Reaves to get him from Lakers

As the new NBA begins soon, NBA teams are building up and biffing up their teams ahead of the new season. The San Antonio  Spurs are not left out in this preparation either. The San Antonio Spurs were eager to get Austin Reaves from the Los Angeles Lakers to their team during the offseason.

Reaves, who is one of the most talented shooting guards in the NBA with an average of 13.0 points last season is on the wanted list of the Spurs. Jovan Buha from The Athletic said they were seriously thinking about offering Austin Reaves two different contracts.

The first one was a huge contract for four years which was worth $100 million, and the second one was a three-year contract which was worth $60 million. Buha explained that had the Lakers said yes to any of these offers, Reaves would have made more money in the later years of the contract.

What is Austin Reaves’ current contract with the Lakers?

The current contract of Austin Reaves with the Lakers is a four-year contract that is worth $56 million. And this is according to a report from The Athlete. This contract became official on the sixth of July. The contract is known as the “Early Bird contract”.

It allows him to decide on whether to stay in the fourth year or not.  He will also get a 15% bonus increase that is known as a “trade kicker” if he gets traded to another team. Austin Reaves is also allowed to get an advance payment even before the season starts.

Austin Reaves

Shams Charania who is an American Sports reporter for the Athletic and Stadium, tweeted about Reaves’s journey saying “Reaves went from a two-way contract to a standard minimum contract in 2021 NBA training camp — and now less than two years later, cashes in on the maximum allowable salary from the Lakers.”

He also said “RFA Austin Reaves has agreed to return to the Los Angeles Lakers on a four-year, $56 million Early Bird maximum contract, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. Agents Aaron Reilly and Reggie Berry of AMR Agency negotiated the new deal to keep Reaves in L.A. long term.”

This shows that the Lakers want to continue keeping Reaves on their team. They believe so much in his skills and Reaves has never disappointed which is why the Lakers want to continue keeping him. What do you think about this rumor? If it is true, should he accept the offer? Leave your comment below.


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