Why 49ers TE George Kittle slapped with $13,699 fine by NFL? Exploring his negative behavior following TD vs Cowboys

George Kittle, the tight end of the San Francisco 49ers, has come under the media limelight in a recent controversy after the Week 5 match against the Dallas Cowboys. He is reportedly set to be fined a large amount for the inappropriate use of language targeted at the Dallas Cowboys after San Francisco’s staggering 43-10 victory against the Cowboys.

However, despite all the criticism swirling about Kittle’s move, the 30-year-old tight end seems to be unbothered by it.

Why did the NFL slap 49ers TE George Kittle with a $13,699 fine?

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN has recently reported that George Kittle is going to be fined $13,699 as he was wearing a grey t-shirt under his No. 85 red jersey, with a quote that derides the Dallas Cowboys. Moreover, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said that his behavior is a breach of the NFL’s “personal message” principle and the fine for such a breach is usually $10,927.

The t-shirt reads “F*** Dallas,” which he flaunted towards the Cowboys in the fourth quarter after Jordan Mason’s 26-yard touchdown run. The NFL community regarded this as an unsportsmanlike approach.

Additionally, it seems that the former 49ers player, who believes Mac Jones quarterbacking the 49ers wouldn’t be successful, has gone over history that aligns with 1994’s 49ers linebacker, Gary Plummer, because the shirt serves as a reference to the Cowboys’ and 49ers’ long-standing rivalry. Back then, the two teams were in three spontaneous ties against each and secured a position in Super Bowl.

The idea originated from former 49ers linebacker, Gary, who wore an identical jersey against the Cowboys in the 1994 NFC championship game. The match was reportedly won by the 49ers, who went on to prevail in the Super Bowl.

Even the San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan seemed calm about this matter, and it was usual that the two teams share a bitterness. He stated, “[It’s] just Kittle, WWE stuff, entertainment, Not really much, just smiled at it.”

However, Micah Persons, the Dallas Cowboys pass-rusher thought, Kittle was “making it way more personal than it had to be.”

George Kittle says Cowboys T-shirt taunt was worth it

Kittle claimed that he wore a shirt with obscene language intended towards the Dallas Cowboys even though he was partially aware that there is a possibility of getting fined. According to the tight end, “We stand on the shoulders of the 49ers before us. It’s something I’ve seen my whole career, and finally, I just wanted to channel it.”

He still stated that he would repeat the conduct if the opportunity came.

Moreover, the NFL is yet to decide on whether to penalize the tight end, George Kittle. When questioned about his expectation on NFL’s decision, he expressed being unbothered, “Probably get a fine. Wore a personalized T-shirt. Maybe an inappropriate word. …It is what it is. It’s a decision I made. If they want to fine me, they fine me”.

He also stated that he would repeat the conduct if the opportunity came by claiming, he “I’d 100% do it again.”

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