Why did Jack Perry refuse to apologize for the backstage altercation with CM Punk?

All Elite’s Jack Perry is currently not part of the AEW circuit. A recent report shows that he apologized for his actions in an incident with CM Punk last year. However, that does not seem to be true, as Jack has spoken about the matter recently.

It has been months since Perry has appeared in AEW’s draw-ins. Currently, he is plying his trade with the New Japan Pro Wrestling League, which also has ties with AEW. The statement is a revelation considering all the waves made by the backstage altercation.

What forced Jack Perry to deny apologizing to CM Punk?

In a recent report that appeared in the Wrestling Observer, it was stated that Jack Perry had put in his apology and wanted to make a comeback in All Elite Wrestling. However, the wrestler denied the reports, saying no such apology was made. He mentioned that there was no communication between him and Tony Khan, the CEO of AEW, for two months following the incident.

When they met in November 2023, there were plans for his return in the following month. But after CM Punk made the return to WWE, those plans did not come to fruition. Perry clarified that he did not make any apology and that the reports published were untrue. Earlier, Jack Perry had an altercation with CM Punk backstage at their AEW Collision event in Canada.

Apparently, he wanted to use real glass on stage for his performance. CM Punk did not agree with it, as it posed a health hazard. Later, Perry used the phrase ‘It’s real glass; cry me a river’ during the bout, aiming a dig at CM Punk. This seemed to unsettle the nerves between the wrestlers, resulting in an argument. Punk was eventually released by AEW.

Perry denied the AEW release request, intends to work with Rocky Romero

Jack Perry had also requested for him to be released from AEW. But his request was denied, and according to him, there are no future plans for his comeback on All Elites. He has ventured into New Japan Pro Wrestling and is currently working with Rocky Romero.

There were reports of a rift between him and Tony Khan with his scapegoat statement or the tearing of his AEW contract during an NJPW match. However, the AEW CEO has not responded to this matter as of now.


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