Why did LeBron James’ son Bronny decide to join USC? Explaining true motivation for his decision

LeBron James is an iconic basketball player and is a legend of the current time. He is 38 years old and still rocking his capabilities on the NBA court. However, maybe the countdown for the next LeBron James has already started as his son Bronny is moving forward as an unstoppable next-generation basketball star.

So, it is time to explore why Bronny James is packing his bags for joining USC.

Why did LeBron James’ son Bronny decide to join USC?

Legendary basketball player LeBron James plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and won four-time NBA champions till now. Besides being a famous celebrity athlete, he is a loving dad who is very careful about his children’s upbringing.

King James is blessed with Bronny who is his eldest son as he also holds the same passion for basketball as his father. This 19-year-old athlete has received offers from six prestigious universities in the USA to play basketball for their teams.

However, the young man expressed his desire to join the University of Southern California turning down all the others. Bronny shared the exciting news through his Instagram account and LeBron fans can’t stop speculating over the issue.

LeBron James

Many are associating this move of eldest James to be nothing more than a future business prospect. USC is a Nike school and LeBron enjoyed many million-dollar deals with this giant franchise over the years that made him a millionaire. So, eventually in search of such potential offers in the future, Bronny took the step to join the institution.

When the Lakers star was asked about his retirement plan, LeBron James said he will retire after playing side by side with his son Bronny. So, it seems that day isn’t very far when this father-son will fire up the NBA grounds together creating a new history as Bronny is all set to step into the bigger world as a young enthusiasts basketball player.

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