Why has the “Splash Brothers” pair of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson been inseparable for almost a decade

The Golden State Warriors team of the last decade is considered by many as one of the greatest NBA teams to have ever set foot on court. Along with Draymond Green, two other people have been a constant figure in this team- Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. They will be looking forward to adding another title to their legacy, as the Warriors enter the 6th game of the NBA finals against the Boston Celtics with a 3-2 lead.

Who are the Splash Brothers?

When any team comes up against the Warriors, one of the key aspects of the game they have to focus on is keeping Steph Curry and Klay Thompson in check. The duo is considered by many as the greatest shooting backcourt in NBA history. Their unparalleled shooting abilities have earned them the name “Splash Brothers” because of their ability to “wet jumpers from 3-point range.”

To put that into perspective, the duo have first pair in history to score 1000-three pointers. In fact, there are nine times in the NBA that are yet to hit 1000 three-pointers in NBA post-season history. Yes, the Splash Brothers have a better three-point record than many of the other NBA franchises. Just insane.

Origin of the Name

The tag was first used in the year of 2012.It was the second season for the duo playing together.  The name came into being during a regular season game between the GSW and the Charlotte Bobcats. During the first half, Curry and Thompson combined for seven 3-pointers. This led to Warriors.com writer Brian Witt to tweet out the hashtag “#SplashBrothers” from the Warriors’ official account.

Along with Curry and Thompson’s wet shooting strokes, part of the reason it stuck was because it was a wonderful play on words from another renowned Oakland-based combo, the “Bash Brothers.”

The “Bash Brothers” were the Oakland Athletics’ sluggers, Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco, who hit a slew of home runs during their time together and even helped the city win a title in 1989.

When Witt used the hashtag “#SplashBrothers” on Twitter, the moniker rapidly caught on and became synonymous with the greatest shooting backcourt in history.

In a 2015 interview with Yahoo Sports’ Marc Spears, Witt said, “It’s my claim to fame.” “No one can take it away from you.” “I invented ‘The Splash Brothers’ as proof that I lived on this planet.”

Why are the Splash Brothers inseparable?

Witt created the nickname, and Curry and Thompson have made sure that the name will stick around. Curry became the all-time leader in the NBA for 3-pointers this past season, only to cement something that everyone had already known: he is the best shooter the game has ever seen.

Thompson was getting in on the act as well as he became the second fastest to reach the 1000-point mark. Can you guess the first? Thompson also ranks 18th in the list of most 3-points made.

They also rank first and third respectively in all the 3s made in the NBA playoffs and NBA finals. Needless to say these two players only make each other better. And they are part of the GSW DNA, so much so that if one them were absent, the Warriors would not be the legendary team that they are today.

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