Why Cristiano Ronaldo always get friends to stay with his mother?

Manchester United super star Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford from Italian giant Juventus after a 12 year long gap on the summer of 2021, accompanied by his mother, girlfriend and children.

Cristiano decided to settle down on the outskirts of the city of Manchester at his royal mansion that he bought on 2007 during his first spell for the Red Devils.

After few matches for United Cristiano Ronaldo brutally revealed his mother’s condition during match days by pointing out her mental and physical instabilities that caused him serious concerns over the years.

On this aspect Ronaldo said,  “She gets so nervous, I don’t understand why. She is not allowed now to watch big games. I get friends to stay with her and she goes for walks around the house. She fainted two times in the stadium. She is nervous”

Cristiano praised his mother repeatedly and said that, “My mum is the pillar of the family, and what I have today is because she always supported me. She worked hard to give her best for her children and especially for me because I’m the youngest in the family”

In April of 2022, Ronaldo proved again his eternal supports and affections for his mother Maria Dolores after scoring first goal for United since the death of his unborn child and she was seen crying out in the stands wearing a Portugal red and green jersey.

As the five time Ballon D’Or winner is considered one of the Greatest of All Time in the history of football, Cristiano was seen highly dependent on his mother for taking crucial advices for himself on and off the fields. 

Even Maria Dolores expressed her affection for football in an interview once and quoted, “I adore football. If you invite me to dinner and there’s a match on, I won’t go to eat and I’ll stay in and watch the game instead. Even if Ronaldo’s not playing, I’m always watching.” 


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