Why is Sheamus missing from WWE programming? Examining the potential reason for the Celtic Warrior’s absence

Sheamus has become one of the most reliable wrestlers within WWE and the fans after delivering multiple banger matches throughout his tenure with the Connecticut-based company. His matches against Gunther at Clash of the Castle and Triple Threat match at WrestleMania were rated 5 stars in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

However, The Celtic Warrior has been off-screen for a while without any explanation on WWE television. Recently there have been reports that Sheamus has been dealing with an injury and will be out of action for a while.

Sheamus reportedly dealing with injury

The WWE Universe has noticed that the Brawling Brutes have been competing in tag matches without any sign of Sheamus. It has been reported that the WWE Superstar will be out of action for a few months. Dave Meltzer recently revealed that the 3-time WWE Champion is dealing with a serious shoulder injury, which is why he hasn’t been competing and hasn’t been advertised for televised and house shows. He posted a picture on social media wearing a neck brace, confirming that he’s nursing an injury.

The Celtic Warrior last wrestled against the Rated-R-Superstar Edge, who appears to be AEW bound, on his 25th Anniversary farewell show. The match was well-received by the fans, and Edge thanked Sheamus for being a good friend, potentially his last-ever opponent in WWE. That was The Celtic Warrior’s last televised match, and while he was wrestling in house shows, he has not been doing so recently, which further confirms his injury.

The Celtic Warrior’s contract status

Sheamus has been a key part of WWE since 2008, achieving a lot during his 15-year tenure and being only an Intercontinental Championship win away from completing the prestigious Grand Slam in WWE. However, his contract is set to expire in the early part of 2024, and after The Celtic Warrior expressed his frustrations with WWE Creative, there’s uncertainty over his future in the company.

He signed a 5-year contract with WWE in 2019. In an interview with Daily Star, Sheamus said, “I’m not upset about that at all,” he explained. “I felt it was great, it was just the type of character Sheamus is, all fists and elbows. What I was upset about and what really bothered me was the creative after that. I came out of that with so much organic momentum, and it was just wasted. It didn’t go anywhere.”

The Celtic Warrior revealed how he was not happy with how his character didn’t progress after putting on back-to-back classics at Clash of the Castle and WrestleMania. He’s still a very popular pick among the fans to end Gunther’s historic reign as the Intercontinental Championship but is it too late?

Will Sheamus sign a new deal or go to AEW? Discuss in the comments.


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