Why Roger Federer holds Rolex dear to his life barring the staggering $9 million per year contract? Exploring the decade-long FeDex-Rolex love affair

The relationship between tennis legend Roger Federer and renowned watchmaker Rolex is one of the longest-lasting and most beneficial in sports. There is a strong bond that unites Federer and Rolex that extends beyond the stunning $9 million contract that secures their working partnership. In the past decade, this relationship has strengthened, and Federer now proudly sports Rolex timepieces both on and off the tennis court.

This partnership is a tribute to the value of teamwork, mutual admiration, and the never-ending goal of excellence, from Federer’s wrist being adorned with priceless timepieces to their shared pursuit of excellence.

Roger Federer ditched Maurice Lacroix for Rolex

A relationship between a well-known athlete and a respected brand can produce a powerful chemistry in the world of luxury watches, pushing both entities to new heights. This was the situation when Roger Federer chose to break off his relationship with Maurice Lacroix and joined up with the prestigious company, Rolex. This action caused chaos in the watch business and drew attention of admirers and collectors from all around the world.

In his own horological journey, Federer’s transfer from Maurice Lacroix to Rolex was a crucial turning point. The tennis legend’s collaboration with Maurice Lacroix had been successful, but he was looking for a brand that personified timelessness, meticulous craftsmanship, and an unmatched legacy. Rolex, with its legendary past and iconic stature, turned out to be the ideal choice. 

Federer and the company shared more than just an endorsement arrangement; they also had a similar understanding of what is considered to be the pinnacle of performance. His personal ideals and objectives matched up quite well with Rolex’s reputation for high quality, careful attention to detail, and unshakable standards.

For a very long time, people who have excelled in their areas have been linked to Rolex, a brand that is synonymous with success and achievement. Roger “JesusFed” Federer joined a select group of great people who stand for elegance, grace, and exceptional accomplishments by allying himself with Rolex. His standing as an athletic legend and an international spokesperson for excellence was further solidified by this association.

Why Federer holds Rolex in the highest regard?

The Swiss tennis legend’s deep admiration for the luxury watch brand stems from several key factors that have solidified their enduring relationship and elevated Rolex to a revered status in his life.

To begin with, Rolex is a classic representation of quality and craftsmanship. Federer, who is well renowned for having outstanding taste and demeanour both on and off the tennis court, can relate to the brand’s dedication to excellence and care for the little things. Federer’s own personal values and personal sensitivities are perfectly reflected in the elegance and timeless design of Rolex watches. 

Roger Federer

Furthermore, Rolex also holds sentimental value for Federer. Each timepiece represents a milestone or moment of triumph in his illustrious career. From his first Grand Slam victory to his record-breaking achievements, Federer’s Rolex watches serve as cherished mementos that encapsulate the significant moments and memories throughout his journey as a professional tennis player. The watches become more than just timekeeping devices; they become tangible reminders of his incredible achievements and the hard work that went into attaining them.


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