Why Serie A referee got sacked after heated altercation with Jose Mourinho? Investigating Roma boss’ conflict with authorities

Soccer is one of the most heated sports in the world, clashes, and conflicts are a very customary part of it, and now a clash took place between Jose Mourinho and Italian referee.

Soccer has some unwanted battles that make the game more rigid. These situations forced the referees to take some solidified decision to keep the control of the game in their hand. 

Battles on a soccer pitch can be of any type. Players may clash with each other, coaches with coaches, players with coaches, and so on. 

Although the game is not only about the battleground for players, here coaches and referees also encountered each other. Recently, we witness this conflict between Italian boss Jose Mourinho and Serra. 

Jose Mourinho and the referee’s fiery exchange

However, this is not the first time when the Portuguese mastermind had a clash and change of words with a referee. He has seen Mourinho become furious and have a clash with referees on uncountable occasions.

Mourinho is regarded as one of the best managers in soccer. He has many prestigious trophies in his cabinet.

The Portuguese are one of the successful managers but instead of being a successful coach he sometimes comes into the headline for his discourteous behaviour. 

Jose has the ability to turn a game towards his side with his master strokes. But at this moment the scenario is a bit different from the previous one.

Marco Serra the 40 years old Italian referee had abused and disparaged Mourinho during Roma’s fixture against Cremonese.

Mourinho was furious with Marco’s decision to give away the free kick to Cremonese. While the Italian referee was annoyed with Mourinho’s words and ordered him to mind his own business and also ordered him to sit down as no one takes him gravely. 

Later, the Italian manager stated in a post-match conference that he has no concerns with the referee and asked the referee to say sorry to him for what he said to said.

Which referee got sacked?

The Italian international referee Marco Serra was sacked due to his fiery words to the Italian boss. The Italian has experience managing various matches in Serie A

In February of this year, Serra played the role of official in the match between newcomers of Serie A Cremonese and Roma. After this match, the referee also managed some other fixtures as well in the League.

But the Italian was not listed in the list of officials for the 2023/24 seasons as he is under investigation for his inferior words to Mourinho. 

Do you think the suspension of Marco Serra is right or not? comment your valuable opinions in the comment box. 


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