Why is shooting star press banned in WWE? exploring the incident that nearly killed Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XIX

Wrestling is one of the most famous combat sports around the world. Several big companies with huge fanbases from all over the world are associated with this sport. WWE is one of those big companies. WWE has gained more popularity over time with its roster. There are several star athletes in their roster and every athlete has a unique way of combat.

There are unique special moves for every superstar. Fans get crazy when they see their favorite superstar perform their own special moves in the ring. However, there are a few special moves that are banned in WWE because of causing injury to the performers. Let’s look into one of those moves which had to be banned for good.

What is Shooting Star Press & why is it banned in WWE?

In professional wrestling, the Shooting Star Press is one of the most fascinating aerial moves. Legendary athlete Jushin Thunder Liger was renowned for using this move. In the late 1980s, he, alongside other stars such as Billy Kidman used the Shooting Star Press as their regular finisher. However, the move has been banned by WWE.

Performing the shooting star press is dangerous for both performers. It can cause damage to the body of the wrestler if there is the slightest mistake while performing the move. WWE faced such a situation a few times for this one move. Once, Chavo Gerrero was injured severely by this special move, and another WWE superstar, Brock Lesner, was injured while performing this move on Kurt Angle.

Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania XIX maneuver nearly killed him

At WrestleMania XIX, There was a face-off between Brock Lesner and Kurt Angle. Both superstars were giving their best in the ring that night; however, something uncertain occurred during their bout.

Brock Lesner was performing a Shooting Star Press at Kurt, but, while performing the move, Lesner did a mistake and the move went wrong. He directly landed on his shoulder and injured himself.

Nonetheless, Kurt helped Brock Lesner win that match. Lesner won that match by an F-5, and after that, Lesner passed out in the ring and was rushed to hospital by the WWE. To this date, WrestleMania XIX is remembered due to this incident.

In an interview, Kurt talked about that match and said, “The whole reason why I helped Brock up and tried to assist him to win the match is that my neck was broken and I couldn’t carry the title any longer.”

He also said ” I was going to have surgery the next day. So I was in a position where Brock might have broken his neck, and he passed out, I didn’t know what to do because I couldn’t hold the title another night. I had to basically wake him up see if he was OK and make sure that he could complete the move. It was very stressful. Those 15 seconds were one of the most stressful situations that I’ve ever been in.” 

Though this special move is banned in WWE. But still, it is one of the special moves that true WWE fans still miss. There are several other moves that are also banned in WWE. All of these moves are banned for the damage they cause to the superstars.

Are there any other moves that should be banned in WWE? Let us know your opinions in the comments.




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