Will the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl? 

If you look at the Super Bowl betting odds then you’ll see that the Packers lead the chase as the favourites to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy come February 13th

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Anyway, the betting odds backing the Packers and they actually going all the way are two very different things though. Their first challenge will be on Saturday against the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers beat the Dallas Cowboys in the wildcard game, with a very lucky finish to say the least.

They can be blessed to have gone through so they shouldn’t pose much of a threat, especially if they continue making mistakes that will cost them against teams of higher quality.

Nonetheless, will the Green Bay Packers go all the way and win the Super Bowl? Will Aaron Rodgers defy the critics who have mocked him for his controversial opinions and show that on the field he is still one of the greats?

Let’s take a look at how it should happen.

The next game should be a breeze

Regardless of the season the Packers have had to now or what the betting odds say, one thing is certain; the Packers will have to overcome the San Francisco 49ers to progress deeper into the post season. You can breathe easy though Packers fans because we believe your team will be far too strong for what the 49ers can offer.

The 49ers only put up a 10-7 record in the NFC West and, within that record, they lost to the Packers back in September as Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams delivered the goods. It’s clearly stuck with them; Kyle Shanahan has had their second choice quarterback, Trey Lance, imitating Rodgers on the training field.

That’s not all though. The fact Lance is “playing Rodgers” on the training ground tells us that Jimmy Garoppolo will be the starting QB. He’s had a good season for San Fran but he’s not close to being fully fit owing to a shoulder injury; unquestionably, that makes the 49ers weaker. Even with Garoppolo available, you’d back the Packers but a 49ers with their main man at 90% have next to no chance.

Injuries easing

Depending on your outlook, you might say that a Packers’ Super Bowl win is shaping up as fate. We’ve already touched on the fact they’ll face a 49ers featuring a semi-fit Garoppolo and, in their own camp, is more good news. They’re expected to welcome back the likes of David Bakhtiari, Josh Myers, Za’Darius Smith and Jaire Alexander relatively soon. Some will even be back in the fold for the 49ers showdown.

Of course, there is a flip side to that. Anyone associated to the Packers would point out that they’ve been missing those big names throughout the season; imagine how good things could have been! 

The other factor Matt LaFleur would be quick to reference is that whilst the listed quartet are close to a return, they’re not going to be at 100% immediately; they quite possibly won’t be until next season now. Even so, whatever way you cut it, a return to fitness of any player is a positive and a boost to the team morale.

The Aaron Rodgers impact

That’s right, you simply cannot talk about whether or not the Packers will win the Super Bowl without dedicating a few column inches to their star man, Rodgers. 

Rodgers, who guided the Packers to their last Super Bowl some 11 years ago, has long been lauded in the NFL. This regular season, the star quarterback threw 4,115 yards and posted a conversion rate of 68.9%; that is the third best of any player to throw more than a few yards. 

Joe Burrow and Kyler Murray narrowly out performed him on the percentage completion front but neither hit the same heights in terms of passing touchdowns. 

We know Rodgers has the talent to deliver the goods but,  with his side now favourites, he’ll need to handle the pressure of being the big dog too. We suspect he will do that though. 


With all that considered, we fully believe this is Green Bay’s year. You heard it here first, the Packers are destined to be Super Bowl champions.

Thought, they have to tread lightly. There are some heavy contenders for the crown, especially Brady’s Buccaneers. If the Buccs defeat the Rams they will face the Packers in a heavily contested conference final, fighting for a place in the Super Bowl. 

It’s probably Brady’s last try for a final chapter in Super Bowl history (or so we thought last time), so don’t sleep on the current NFL champions. On the other side pay attention to the Tennessee titans who did a spectacular regular season and are the favorite contenders for a Super Bowl place at the moment.

We will have to wait and see but this NFL postseason will be a delight for all the fans.


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