With Vince McMahon’s growing influence Logan Paul winning MITB ladder match not farfetched idea

We are just a week away from Money in the Bank 2023 where the traditional MITB ladder match is again set to take place. The anticipation among fans is rising with potential speculation regarding the winner of the ladder match. This year’s MITB ladder match also includes the Youtube Sensation Logan Paul, who is a debatable name since announcing his surprise entry into the ladder match. The WWE Universe is divided regarding the MR.MITB 2023, as some fans believe that La Knight should need to win this year’s ladder match,

Triple H led WWE produced quality PLEs over the year backed by financial gains

The King of the Kings Triple H, had already brought up the WWE premium live event qualities since gaining control. Triple H not only increased the quality of the shows but also set multiple records regarding PLE’s financial profits. Every recent PLE held under The King of Kings has broken all the previous records set by the company.

Logan Paul

With the progress in the quality of the shows, WWE fans are really thrilled and excited about the upcoming premium live event.

Vince McMahon’s erratic touch caused match cancellations in RAW, SD in recent weeks

Triple H has great control over WWE, but since the merger deal with Endeavor, Vince Mcmahon also seems to be back in power. According to recent reports, Vince Mcmahon has changed multiple segments and matches over the past couple of WWE Raw & SmackDown. So it appears like Vince is almost back on charge and enjoying great power in creative control.

Logan Paul

Vince has also changed many segments on the latest edition of WWE Raw which is the go-home edition for Money in the Bank 2023. Thus, it appears that Vince Mcmahon has still a great influence in the Stamford-based promotion.

Reports suggest Logan Paul to pull shock MITB ladder match victory over favorites

As we are just a few days away from Money in the Bank 2023, there are multiple reports circulating regarding the potential winner of this ladder match. Reports suggest that Triple H doesn’t want The Maverick to win the ladder match. The possible reason behind the same may be his part-time schedule within the company. On the other hand, The Cerebral Assassin is likely to have full support for the self-claimed star La Knight to win the ladder match.

Logan Paul

For those who don’t know, Vince is a huge fan of part-timers in the company because of their huge popularity. With having a power tussle it seems like Logan Paul could win the MITB ladder because of the regaining power of Vince Mcmahon. It will also be interesting to see whether HHH could pull out LA Knight as a winner or not.

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