WWE considers controversial Logan Paul appearance in Royal Rumble following his CryptoZoo scam

Logan Paul joined WWE last summer, and during his final performances with the biggest wrestling organization in the world, he suffered a few injuries that were later revealed to be minor. 

The Elder Paul last faced Roman Reigns at the fourth Crown Jewel and nearly defeated him, and now the fans are highly excited for Paul to return as they want more from him.

However, after the historic match, it was revealed that Logan Paul had been complicit in the CryptoZoo scam, shocking the audience and raising doubts about Maverick’s future in the WWE.

Finally, last week, this YouTuber turned pro wrestler released a Twitter video where he talked about his $1.5 million recovery plan for the scam.

“The fact is, suing Coffeezilla is not going to help Cryptozoo holders so I do need to focus my attention where it should be, which is on fans and supporters of me.”

“To say I am disappointed in how this was handled internally is an understatement, there’s a full internal investigation going on along with an audit and we are going to pursue full legal action for whoever needs to be held accountable.”

Despite the fact that the majority of the fans are not satisfied with Elder Paul’s plan, this won’t have any impact on his employment with WWE.

According to RingSide News, Logan Paul will return to WWE at the end of this month and will compete in the Royal Rumble, and he may also be the face of WrestleMania 39.


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