WWE fans urge Cody Rhodes to announce Randy Orton or CM Punk as the 5th man for Survivor Series War Games matchup

At WWE Survivor Series, Cody Rhodes will be teaming up with Jey Uso, Seth Rollins, and Sami Zayn to take on Judgment Day in the WarGames match. Cody Rhodes mentioned a fifth, unannounced member of his team during the buildup to the Survivor Series War Games, and fans have been offering their suggestions ever since.

Raw general manager Adam Pearce called for the match after a continuous scuffle between the two teams on a previous RAW program. WWE has announced that they will be adding Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton to the match, while Cody Rhodes has suggested that they require another participant to fulfill their WarGames Avengers team. 

Fans want Cody Rhodes to name Randy Orton or CM Punk as the 5th man

A significant number fans are expected to watch the upcoming WWE Survivor Series WarGames event. The event’s location in Chicago increases the likelihood of a surprise appearance by a well-known figure. There are rumors circulating that CM Punk and Randy Orton may make a return soon.

On WWE RAW on November 13, 2023, Drew McIntyre officially joined The Judgment Day, giving the heel group a possible fifth member. There has been talk of Punk and Orton returning, but rumors have surfaced that the 14-time World Champion may make the original return instead.

Survivor Series War Games
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There will be one less member of the Team Cody Rhodes team in the forthcoming Survivor series war games contest. Speculation points to a free agent or a recently healthy Superstar making the move, who could be Randy Orton. The Viper has been out due to injury for a time, and there’s been year-long speculation regarding his comeback. After a recent tweet about the American nightmare, fans want him named Randy Orton to fill their membership for the upcoming PLE event.

However, strong reports suggest that Orton will attend the Survivor Series. To prevent stoking false expectations for CM Punk’s comeback in his hometown of Chicago at the Survivor Series, WWE intends to introduce him as the fifth member of Team Rhodes before the event. 

Details of teams in WWE Survivor Series War Games

Stars like Gunther and Rhea Ripley will be in title fights at the next WWE special event. However, many are asking whether there will be a women’s WarGames event in addition to the men’s contest that has already been announced.

Survivor Series War Games
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Only one WarGames team, consisting of Judgment Day and the four superstars Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, Seth Rollins, and Sami Zayn, is known at this time. Cody hasn’t found his fifth member yet. Fans are excited to see Randy Orton, who has been called “Mr. Survivor Series,” join Cody’s squad.

Even if the men’s WarGames are scheduled, there has been no news of a female counterpart. With barely a week remaining before the Survivor Series WarGames, WWE fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the second team.

A large number of fans are anticipated to tune in for the upcoming WWE Survivor Series WarGames event. The event’s Chicago setting raises the chances of a surprise appearance by a familiar face. Rumors are swirling about possible returns from CM Punk and Randy Orton in the near future.


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