WWE HOF addresses Logan Paul’s influence on the MITB ladder match, compares ‘The Maverick’ to ex-WWE Hardcore champ for more intense action

The Youtuber Sensation Logan Paul recently added himself to the Money in the Bank ladder match this year. The Maverick returns to the latest raw edition, by having this surprise announcement in his own Celevaland Ohio. The WWE Universe has given mixed reactions on the same since the announcement.

As many fans are excited and thrilled after the edition of The Maverick, but some are really disappointed as the opportunity was not earned by him. Recently, WWE Hall of Famer The Nature Boy Ric Flair had hails some praise for Logan Paul and share his opinion regarding his surprise edition.

WWE icon has big expectations from Logan Paul ahead of MITB ladder match

The 16x time World Champion in his recent interview was giving his opinion on this year’s MITB premium live event. Ric Flair said that The Maverick reminds him of Shane Mcmahon, He talks about how he isn’t afraid of anything same to Shane Mcmahon. 

This is the main reason why he thinks that the addition of The Youtube Sensation will be a great contribution to the match. The Nature Boy also talks about the difficulty of competing in a ladder match, as taking bumps is a risky spot. He further reminds the memorable moment of former WWE superstar Jeff Hardy and the Rated R Superstar Edge, when Edge speared Hardy from the top of the ladder match.

It seems like the ability of Logan Paul has impressed The Nature Boy Ric Flair so much. Shane Mcmahon also become famous in the company due to the high-risk stunts he performed during his matches.

WWE fans strongly oppose Logan Paul’s possible MITB win

As mentioned before that the addition of Logan Paul in the match has received mixed reactions from the WWE Universe. Fans opposed the win of The Maverick due to being a part-timer in the company and also not earning the opportunity to even enter the MITB ladder match.

The support of the fans is on the side of the Self-claimed Mega Star LA Knight. Since the addition of Logan, fans are majorly confused about the match winner as some believe that now La Knight’s chances are reduced to win the match as the company may favor Logan Paul for the victory.

Logan Paul

There are also multiple rumors going around regarding the reason behind the addition of The Maverick. Reports believed that the addition of Logan is due to the rising popularity of La Knight. It will be interesting to see how things will turn out at the MITB ladder match this year.



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